Short Cuts ~ links to helpful older posts

I have noticed people are looking for specific weaving subjects here. I thought I would create some shortcuts to get you to past posts faster!:

Special Techniques and Finishing:
Two Stick Start at the beginning of a project:  here
Basic machine hemming here
Fringe twisting techniques here
"Fancy Smancy" twisting technique here
Bead embellishments on hand wovens here and here
Project finishing here and here
Hemstitching: basic here and fancy here
Italian hemstitching: here
Hand hemming / ironing techniques here

Loom Mechanics:
How to correctly hold and throw a shuttle here
How to sit correctly at your loom (half way down post) here
Lifting a Louet Spring 90  loom for tie up (pictures top half of post)  here   

Yarns and Such:
Tips for linen weft here
Yarns, sample cards and ordering here and more here
Making your own cards from hand woven samples here

Shuttles, and tools here
Selecting a loom bench here
20+ tie up assist info here
Tying up a 20+ here
Need to re-sett a 20+ here
Additional benefits of a 20+ here
Benefits of tensioned bobbin/ pirn winders here
Achieving better selvedges here

Cloth Effects:
Basic Itten Star Colour theory here
Keeping track of cloth woven here
How to create iridescent effects here  and here
History of Ceinture Fléchée here
Good source for more info on Ceinture Fléchée here
Fibonacci Colour Gradation here
Trying new treadling techniques without changing the tie up  here  and  here
Classic Crackle basics here
Snowflake twills (twill progressions)  here  and also here
Herringbone Twill here
Huck lace on eight shafts here
Weaving program and revising drafts here
Overshot basics on four shafts here
M's and O's basics: here
Using Profile Drafts (second half of post): here
Using the Golden Mean for sizing textiles:   here

Warping on a Louet Jane here , Louet Spring here
My hybrid sectional warping method on a Woolhouse CM here
The Louet warping method adapted to non Louet loom here

Special Projects and Publications:
Project: 'Elena's Shawl': part 1 here , part 2 here , and the final part 3 here.

Melinda's Shawl: part 1 here , part 2 here , and part 3 here


Want to learn to use a weaving computer program to its full potential? To create your own beautiful designs?


"LINEN: From Flax Seed to Woven Cloth." By Linda Heinrich 

See my (revised) original post on the book here


Needing help with determining setts for your projects?

Click on this link for Handwoven Magazine's Master Yarn Chart 


Another *great* place to view tutorial lists is here at Dust Bunnies Under My Loom Blog

This list will expand with further posts. If all else fails,  you have a question, email me at:
 weever at shaw dot ca  (remove spaces and add real dot)
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