Saturday, March 28, 2009

For Friends Still Coping with Snow

Fresh today, hellebore.... and for some reason the white plant didn't come up this year. No sign of my trillium yet..

A shrub by our front door... sorry, don't know its name.

Crocus by the studio

Mini daffodil with the crocus crowd

Snow drops... they are so sweet.

The stream on our property... winter has beaten down the grasses. It has trout ...and....

...other critters! This trail is their path in and out of the water. Looks like we have Otters.

Now they will be hard to catch with the camera.

This is hubby planting some early seeds or bulbs.
Okay, how does your spring look where you are?


Laura said...

Spring? It snowed today. :(

Thanks for sharing your lovely flowers. Maybe here someday. :)



Anonymous said...

How beautiful! I especially like the crocus.

Do the otters ever give you opportunities to glimpse them, even if they won't pose for the camera? We have an area not too far away with a lot of beaver activity, and they'll have slides going even in the snow during the winter!

Life Looms Large said...

Wait - that's what it looks like where you are right now?!? Aren't you in Canada? Isn't Canada, by definition, north of me?!? (I'm not, no, no, not me!)

Otters?!? Too cool! Jim would be staking out that area with his camera determined to get otter photos! (Not saying you should do that - I have to take knitting if we're trying to photograph something that involves waiting!)

Enjoy your flowers!!


Theresa said...

Our spring looks white right now but I sure enjoyed the pictures of your spring.

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

You are in Canada and have beautiful flowers already?!?! wow!!! Cold and windy here today.....I sure could go for some real spring weather. I'm glad you are enjoying yours;)

Susan said...

The flowers are pretty but to be truthful they are 'sparse' as yet... but they are there!

The otters put the run on our dog yesterday. Seems they are living under the bridge and don't like nosey pooches. Catching them with a camera would be case of being very lucky I think!

For those of you wondering how come Canada gets flowers so soon, I live on Vancouver Island where the climate is quite mild and moderated by the ocean nearby. But with global warming who knows!


jackie said...

Thats right! Rub it it! We are having snow on Easter!