Monday, April 6, 2009

Victoria Guild 75th Anniversary Retreat

Model: Sharon Simpson

Model: Gloria Bond.
I would like to thank these ladies from for modeling my shawls during the fashion show! They did it with style and panache.

The Victoria Handweavers and Spinners Guild has had a series of events to celebrate their 75th year. One of which was to host this retreat at the Oceanfront Hotel in Cowichan Bay. It was held April 3rd and 4th. I had a Retreat package, but didn't stay at the hotel. I drove in both days from home. It was only 20 minutes away and I sleep much better in my own bed. The Friday evening was a reception and a 'meet and greet' evening in the ballroom. It was nice to mix and mingle and find old friends and make new ones. A bunch of us went for a walk along the waterfront and had dinner at the Rock Cod Cafe. Then as the ladies headed to their rooms, I drove home along the bay.

Then the next day was busy and filled with activities. I unfortunately missed the silk reeling demo but caught the warping demo by Jane Stafford and later on, a tassel making demo with Audrey and Helen. In between was spinning and socializing and people wandering to 6 rooms where vendors had their wares for sale.

Karen Selk of Treenway was there, Jane Stafford Textiles, Knotty by Nature from Victoria, Pagan Creations from Campbell River, Hummingbird Fibre Arts, Aurelia Wool and Weaving. There were some lovely 'treasures' calling your name and in my case some wandered home with me! So at Treenway, I bought some more of that lovely silk yak blend. It's beautiful to weave with! I also bought a skein of silk bamboo blend. The silk seems to give it a bit more firmness over straight bamboo alone.

At Jane Stafford's room I bought 2 cones of 2/8 cotton in green. It's to help perk up some of my other 'older' colours for towels. I also had a cone of 2/10 mercerized cotton in black on order.

I bought this lovely fibre to spin at Aurelia. The white is silk. Yummy...

At the end of the evening, there were door prizes handed out. Six in total from each of the vendors and your truly won the prize from Knotty by Nature

I was very happy to discover that I had won the new book by Judith MacKenzie McCuin "The Intentional Spinner". Lovely book and full of fabulous information.

The company was warm and friendly, the food fabulous and a good time was had by all.


bspinner said...

Wow!! Your pictures are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing your weekend with us. Great purchases and what a supper door prize.

Life Looms Large said...

Sounds like a really nice retreat!! (And I've been known to sneak home because I sleep better here too!!!)

Cool that you won a door prize!!

Your shawls look beautiful!!

Thanks so much for putting up all of those inspiring photos from the retreat! There's so much beautiful weaving in the world!!

I am full of exclamation marks tonight.....perhaps I should try to settle down. (See - I resisted the urge to exclaim in this one paragraph!)


Louisa said...

Wow, Susan! Your shawl might have even out-done my old friend Inge! Though without the tabletweaving, it gives a similar lovely effect. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Looks like everyone had a great time at the Retreat. Thanks for the photos.

PS I also sleep better in my own bed. Or in my old VW van's bed!

Lynnette said...

I loved looking at the photos on Shaw. It looks like it was a complete hoot! Bet you're pooped now though!
Can't wait to see what you are going to come up with using that Treenway yarn....
Your shawls looked wonderful and the models look very happy to be wearing them.

Theresa said...

The shawls look spectacular and what nice goodies you procured and won! I love the idea of a retreat, bet it was energizing and exhausting all at once.

Susan said...

Thank you for all your nice comments!
Yes, it was a super door prize and I have sent the people at Knotty by Nature a thank you card. The book is fantastic by the way.

Louisa: I wouldn't say this shawl surpasses Inge's work. Far from it.
I hope to try her method for myself sometime soon. Her work is beautiful!

Lynnette: I'm thinking of having some dye days as the weather improves. I have some warps prepared and the silk/ bamboo might be dyed for weft.

Theresa: Retreats are fun and as you imagine, intensive. You are full of energy as you go from friend to friend. Events fill the day! About 3 pm I could have curled up for a nap and some quiet time. But I didn't have a room to 'retreat' to so somehow managed to survive right through to the evening. I did virtually nothing the next day though...and its taken a few days to get my stride back. We don't seem to handle such excitement as well as we did when younger!

My first retreat was in 2006 and Lynnette ( of Dustbunnies) and I had adjoining rooms. "What happened at Retreat, stays at Retreat!"

:) Susan

Faith said...

The first shawl especially is just spectacular.

I'm so glad that I found your blog! A commenter left the link on my site, and I'm very thankful that she did. I am a new weaver (mostly I spin and knit), and I am having a hard time finding really solid, interesting blogs written by advanced weavers such as yourself.

Anyway, I'm having fun looking through your archives and I've subscribed to your feed now, so I'll be able to keep up.

Love your projects!

Knotty By Nature Fibres Arts said...

Thanks for the lovely card! Your shawls were amazing!

Lynnette said...

Susan I love your new mast head, your photograph rocks! I really love the shawl and bead composition!

jackie said...

What a wonderful time that you had! And you came away with some real treasures!

trish said...

Wow Susan your shawls are exquisite! Thanks so much for sharing.