Friday, July 31, 2009

Another Voice on Colour

Recently, I did a post on colour theory. Today, Syne Mitchell at Weavezine has published a wonderful article by Barbara Walker on this topic and and it demonstrates the theory beautifully. She even uses Itten as a reference so I know that I was at least on the right track!

Please go here to read Barbara's thoughts on the 'wow' factor!

I feel that if you can do the homework on colour theory, then you can better team up colours in your projects and give your weaving more 'punch'. Look what my friend Lynnette did here with her echo weave! I have seen these scarves in person recently and they are stunning!

It will mean buying some colours out of your comfort zone, but you may not need to use much of them in a project. Can you imagine going to a yarn store (real or on line) and actually having a plan? Lynnette had the answer to that as well! ( Now to find the time to add my stash to a record binder) Again, an investment in yarn sample cards from your favourite shopping places is important.
On the personal front:
I hope to commence threading today on the shawl with a fan blowing on me! It has been literally too hot here to even think, let alone move! Records have been broken with the current heat wave and we don't have AC. This region where I live normally doesn't get heat like this beyond a few days. I have closed up the house and have fans running, along with an air cooler in the living room. That makes this the one room in the house that is actually bearable to sit in! The humidity has been extremely high, which is also not normal for our area.

I'm doing quite well otherwise. My ankle seems better, recovery from the dentist visit on the way and thank you for your well wishes.
Heat is hard on old our old duffer, Connor laying with in reach of the air cooler.


Lynnette said...

I can't thank you enough for posting about The Colour Star. Mine came a few weeks ago, and as you know it was one template short, thanks for sending me a tracing for it! I have finally got a handle on understanding colour relationships that has eluded me in the past. I too find myself in the postion on having a ton of favourite colours in my stash and few brazen hussies to offset them!

We're sweltering here too - I just seem to be dragging my butt, and I swear I won't complain about the rain if it ever comes....

Theresa said...

So good to see the "Old Duffer". Yes, heat is hard on them, my duffer is black and carries a lot of coat. He gets a shave down like Conner does and appreciates
having his legs hosed down.
Thanks for the link. I always forget to check Weavezine and color is such a complicated matter. Nice to have more information on choosing combinations.
Hot here and getting muggy, but not like New England. We have a whole house fan and it does work wonders for pulling in the cooler evening air, then shut the house up for the hot day and do it all agin in the evening. Good to hear foot and mouth all getting better. ;-)

barbara said...

Susan, I was just reading you note on the Weaving Digest about Facebook and "social" networking. You indicated that you would feel welcome in many places throughout the world, through people you have met through your blog, etc. You are always welcome on the East Coast of Canada - seems like we here in the East are getting the "typical" West Coast Summers - cool and wet. Where you folks in the West are getting our "Typical" East Coast Summers - sunny, warm and dry. Interesting what is happening. My heart goes out to those in Western Canada affected by the fires. Weaverly yours .... Barbara (Home of Anne of Green Gables & many other wonderful things, including the Birthplace of Canada)

bspinner said...

Seems like everyone's having a crazy summer. When we were in Minnesota last month it was in the 60's not usually that cool in July, raining and windy. Couldn't even go out fishing. We've had rain every other day here, Pennsylvania and when it's not raining it so humid.

Color is the hardest thing for me. Thanks for the link. Article was very informative.

Happy to hear your ankle is coming along.