Friday, March 5, 2010

Crowning Glory

Our little Hellebore flowers are straining to lift their heavy heads. They seem to produce sturdier than normal flowers and leaves. Determined is a good word that for them.

Here's that shrub that produced those small small pink blossoms I showed you in an earlier post. I'm hoping that someone can tell me the name of it. It sends up green leaves at the end of the stems as it flowers and later produces red berries that fall off easily in late summer, early fall.

Things are *slowly* progressing in the kitchen. The dark panels or 'kicks' have been applied to the bottom edge of the lower cupboards and yesterday, the crown molding was added to the tops! It took our carpenter much longer than he had originally estimated as we seem to have a ceiling that has some high and low spots! The joys of an older home...

Here's the small cupboard above the dishwasher. Trim for the dishwasher is next and our microwave will be raised and trimmed out as well. I think the whole room will look more complete when the tile and window trim work is done. There is more to add to the centre island but we are having some difficulty deciding on what stain to use on the wood. The colouring of the new floor has thrown things off from our original plans and we want to get it right.
The Painters are back Monday and so hopefully things will progress on the stairwell. Once the new paneling is installed, I'm going to primer and paint it myself. It will be the same cream colour as the kitchen cupboards.
These doors were delivered yesterday! The three patio doors will be installed next week and will complete the window upgrade we started this time last year. We also have new front and back doors coming as well. We should be quite snug inside now and should see some big improvements when they come back to re-do the energy tests on our house. Oh those goverment energy grants will help ease the $ pain!

On the fibre front: I have been hand hemming my hearts kitchen towels and busily rewarping the loom. My next post will be weaving related and posted soon!
I have noticed that Blogger isn't updating other member's bloglists to show my newest post. If I check today at Lynnette's blog over at Dust Bunnie's , it shows my last one published as 'Silk Purse: 2' and I have done another one since then (see below) and it simply didn't update your lists.
I have reported this glitch to the Blogger help forum but so far, no response. Has any of you had this trouble before? I'm hoping its a passing problem and resolved once I have hit 'publish' on this one! *cross fingers*


bspinner said...

Kitchen sure is moving along. I love the white cabinets and the small cupboard above the dish washer sure is a good idea. Did you pick out the lights? Love them!!

I have two things on my list of plants to plant this year and one is a Hellebore. Such a pretty flower!!!

Ruth said...

Do you think it could be some sort of Hebe? Or perhaps Viburnum Bodnantense Dawn?

marion said...

Your kitchen looks quite nice already. Even though it is nog finished yet. I look forward to seeing your towels.

Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

what a great idea to raise the dishwasher up so it's easy to load & unload! I love seeing the remodel pix.

LA said...

Wow! Your kitchen looks GREAT! You are really going to enjoy that. You were right, by the way. I only saw your Monday blog today when I came for today's blog.

Lynnette said...

Seems that spring has really sprung in your garden....such lovely photos.
I had the same problem with Blogger, but it seems to be working for me right now.

Anonymous said...

Great new kitchen! The plant is a type of Daphne - the berries are poisonous. I have been having trouble all week with loading blogger sites - forbidden access etc. and then it would open.

Theresa said...

Looks beautiful Susan, right out of a magazine.
When you find out the name of that little shrub, please let me know. I'd love one myself.

charlotte said...

The flowers are so lovely! Your new kitchen looks great, so white, light and modern.