Sunday, January 8, 2012

1461 Days is Four Years

That's 208 weeks, or  35,064 hours

Including this post, there are 180 posts (and I deleted some  so there were more than this)

Picasa says I have 5008 images stored there from posting to my blog!

I also have 212 dedicated Regular Readers. I have learned a lot about you individually in the past few days as I got ready for the Big Draw.  I found my family supports me and they all signed on... thanks, but I have taken them out from the draw as fair is fair! It would not look good form if my Dad, daughter or hubby won!  :)

I found one reader who had signed up twice so could only count them once and I also discovered two readers opted to follow me 'privately' which means their identities are unknown. They simply show up in the count but no names. Sadly I can't include you because of this and I wish I could.

I have over 8 screen loads of people to record on little slips of paper! Through what you were willing to share when you signed up, I could  see where you live in some cases, what your other interests are, and who else you follow.

 There have been over 108 thousand page views and well on the way to 109!   Its all a bit overwhelming given that this time 4 years ago I tentatively pushed the publish button for the very first time and wondered who on earth would be interested in reading what I have to say!?

All I can say is 'Thank you'.    I had help with the draw today and asked Lynnette to do the honours. It was duly witnessed by Ngaire and our hubbies, Michael and Bruce. First they brought flowers for Bruce:

Here's Lynnette and myself this afternoon about to do the deed!
 I *hate* having my picture taken so you know this is a special effort on my part! I went for the picture that turned out great of Lynnette, but then I look like a deer in the headlights.   :)

So the winners, in the order drawn, are:

June *
Rocky Top Weaver
Martha VA

June *  has a turquoise generic exclamation point for an image and is on the first screen of followers you see. If this is You, then please email me at  For some reason, the friend connect thing won't let me 'connect'.

Rocky Top Weaver or Annali lives in Oregon and has been weaving 2 1/2 years.

Martha VA has a blog  and was from Rochester, New York and now resides in Virginia. She is also a new weaver.

Please contact me with your addresses and we'll get the guest towels moving through the Post to you!

Now the rest of you are no doubt feeling somewhat crest fallen at having missed out, so perhaps I can cheer you up with some recommendations for spending some of your left over Christmas money?  I have ordered some books, cd rom's and  (new to me) yarn with my sale proceeds and so far only the books have appeared! I'll report on the rest as and when they appear. In the meantime I'm looking forward to digging into these gems!

This one is thanks to my daughter who gave me an Amazon online gift certificate... thanks Carrie!  Crackle is one of those weave structures that looks incredibly complex on four shafts and amazing on multi shafts!  There are some rules to designing with Crackle blocks and perhaps we can chat about them here on a another post?

New Weaver? Want to learn how to modify or create your own drafts? Then this book may be for you!

On other news...

Our condolences to Theresa and Gene as they have lost one of their beloved brood. Dennett who just reached 19 years old has sadly passed away. Having lost our Connor just over a year ago, we understand.

On the home front, hubby Bruce has had improvements in some areas and a step back in others. This situation is not going quietly into the dark and so we will continue to follow up with doctors and soldier on!

Lastly, I'm happy to report that life has settled down enough that I have picked up a shuttle and resuming where I left off nearly 9 weeks ago (has it really been that long?) I feel a little rusty as you can imagine! But the weaving new year is finally now underway!


dorothylochmaben said...

Hi there - I loved all the stats for your blog, so very impressive but a reflection of all the hard work and effort you have put into it over the years so well done.
The numbers entering just demonstrate how much people appreciate your blog and find it inspirational.

Nice to see a picture of you and Lynnette together, what a lovely day you would have.

Congratulations to all of your winners they will be delighted with their hand towels.

Many more happy years of weaving and blogging about it !

Alette Siri Ane said...

You both look great and glad to hear things are getting better.Your work is always so well done so the winners will be very glad.I am glad you are on blogger.

MarthaVA said...

Susan, I'm honored to have been a winner in your draw. I can hardly wait to receive the beautiful woven towel from you. :-)
Thank you SO very much. I really love following you - you're such a wealth of information to those of us that are "new" to weaving - I feel like I'll always be new!
Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy New Year (and hoping that hubby of yours rebounds and gets well soon!).
MarthaVA (ps, I was born and raised in Rochester, NY but now live in Virginia)

Louisa said...

Congratulations on 4 years' blogging! You done good, girl. I knew you had it in you. ;)

Restless Knitter said...

I suggested the crackle book to our guild librarian. She just got it and is going to bring it to me this weekend. I'm really looking forward to seeing the book as I've not woven crackle before.

I seem to have problems with signing up to follow blogs. I think I've Followed one but when I visit it at a later date, it's like I've never signed up so I click that magic button again. If it was me who signed up twice, I apologize.

Congrats to the winners!

Lynnette said...

Thanks so much for not putting up a picture of me with my eyes squinting shut or with my tongue out! You're a true friend - who by the way also bakes a mean Matrimonial Square!

Sandra Rude said...

Glad to hear there have been some improvements, but I know you won't be happy until there are only improvements and no regression! Here's to better health for Bruce very soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan!

Happy anniversary and thanks for your great job and generousity, all this links and helpful


LOU said...

Finally got thru my 'reorietation' on my 'restored' PC & check'n-in found-out your TLC very effectivly has 'restored' BRUCE to the BLOG'N-ON-THE-RR duties & we THANK-Y'ALL-KINDLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Always happy to follow other weavers. I would love to learn and have room for a floor loom!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan:
I felt overwhelmed when I read your blog tonight and found out that I'm a winner of one of your beautiful guest towels. As a faithful reader of your blog since you started writing it, you have inspired me to keep on no matter what problems I'm having - whether it is weaving related, household maintenance, or health. By a separate email to you directly, I'm sent you my mailing address. June Erla, NH

mormor said...

Hallo Susan!
I am very pleased to see you on my blog/ minafingrarsverk/.
I´m new blogger and hav´nt learned so much yet, but I´l hope I will, by time.
Recently I found the translater by goggle;) so I can read yours too. I like that very much.
I hope you will enjoy visiting my blog. I just wanted to say welcome to you. :) best wishes /Monika

Denise/CT said...

Congratulations on four years... and here's to another four years! I'd love to see you do a few posts on Crackle weave. I saw the book and thought maybe I wasn't ready for it, but with your posts I find I'm trying new things I wouldn't of tried before. Thank you for all the inspiration.