Sunday, September 27, 2015

Down to the Wire

Its been a very busy time since I last wrote!

In my last post I showed you a sixteen shaft draft for the Megado and a wonky shaft.... which is now fixed!   So this was done:

So the Megado is all set and working nicely.... and I have a basket of wound pirns. I plan to change the colour every 32-34 inches for a new towel colour. 

I also wet finished the previous project of book marks and have them all washed and pressed and in the Etsy shop for sale (which is now temporarily shut for my operation).  Twelve shaft twill in black 20/2 cotton and a fine linen; sett is 50 epi.

I have done a lot of tidy up in the studio. Put yarns aways, finish up sample records, and got a new clear plastic storage bin for the recent tapestry yarn purchase.  

What else can I do while recovering?  Well, when the time comes ... I can sit and wind a warp or three and so have one planned, complete with cones and notes all ready to go.

I got the warp on the Spring *finally* woven off.   It was a slow weave due mainly to my wonky knee but also because of the very fine weft used and all the hemstitching involved. Four rows at the start and a row of double hemstitching for the end hem.   It was a ten and a half yard warp and I got twelve guest towels and some samples.   They have been serged apart and pressed and pinned for hand sewing the hems while I recover.  I like to have some hand work to keep busy with.  I'll do a full project blog post once its all done, washed and pressed up and photographed for you. I'm going to wash and steam press them later.  Here are some of the towels waiting for the sewing needle:

Front edge of the butter cream towel

.... and the back edge.

Here are a few.... and there's twelve in all, featuring two different huck patterns 

I don't think the loom was even cold yet and the next warp was beamed on!   It was threaded and sleyed PDQ as well. Then she was hoisted up onto her crates and the tie up done.   I'm not likely to be able to weave on this loom for a time but its nice to know its ready for when I am.  The warp is for two scarves and one will be woven "as drawn in" and the second will be woven "network twill style". In fact the warp that is waiting to be wound on the warping mill is for another set of two scarves, woven the same two ways as well.  Different colours of course, but I won't have to change the tie up for a time. I sit on a low stool to do that and I'm not sure my new knee would like trying to get up from that until its well healed.... so I'm being kind to my future self!

Anyhow, here's the start of "as drawn in"  as a tease.... and there will be a more full disclosure much later on.

So that means everything is done and ready in the studio for my eventual return.   In the house I have been busy too!   

We have completed the last of the medical visits and tests.   We picked up all the equipment necessary at the Red Cross loans cupboard and our guest room is full of walkers, bath bench, raised toilet seat, crutches, a bed assist bar, another frame device to lift and keep the blankets off my knee, and my new cryo-cuff machine!

You place water and ice into the 'cooler' and a quiet little motor circulates the water via the hose to the pad which is wrapped around the (cloth covered) knee. This helps reduce swelling and inflammation.  We tried it out today as a trail run and it worked fine and no leaks.  You can barely hear the motor!  I wish I had known about this gizmo for my hip surgeries!   I used leaky  doubled bags of ice in 2001 for my left hip..... and frozen gel packs for the right hip this past December.    There are different pad types for different body parts available. What is shown above is called a universal and mine is specific for a knee joint.

We have arranged for a ride for me to come home using Medivan transport as our Santa Fe SUV isn't user friendly to get a newly operated left knee into.  Even with the seat back all the way, its still high off the ground and there's not enough swing room to get the knee in without doing a bend and a maybe twist.  Medivan staff will get me home and into the house, up the stairs and settled into my own bed.  That will be my big accomplishment for the day I'm sure! I'm thrilled to not have to worry about the stairs on my first day home!

The seasons are changing and work goes on around the house and yard to get ready. Bruce got the snow tires mounted on rims and onto the car yesterday. The higher elevation road between here and my hospital has the requirement of snow tires as of October 1st to March 30th.  So he'll be safe on his commute to see me at least!

Recent rains showed us that some repairs are required for our gutters and they will be done this Monday.   Lawn mowing has begun again now the grass has started to grow once more and the usual end of summer clean up has begun in the gardens and patio.  I'm just an observer in all these details....

We had an arborist come and assess some dead standing trees on the property that must be cut down before the winter wind storms start as they are too close to the house.  They died from the dry spell in the summer of 2014 and failed to revive this past spring.   We won't know what has died from the long drought this summer until spring 2016.   We also found that our neighbourhood deer have started eating things normally labeled in garden shops as "deer proof", so we need some new plants to add to their buffet.... but most likely next spring.

Now all I have left to do is some laundry, and pack my bag to go.  I have to report in 7:45 am on Monday. Yes, I'm nervous and wishing I didn't have the week to come ahead of me but I do want to get to the benefits of a new knee which is walking pain free, and weaving again.      Wish me luck!   

Bruce bought me some dahlias from a local roadside stand and I must say that they are simply lovely. A real other world inside the petals....  here are some shots so you can enjoy them too.

I'll see you here again soon. 


Dianne said...

Beautiful weaving as usual.
Good luck with your new knee, heal well and fast. You must just about be competing with the bionic woman!
Bruce might be interested that I was on a train between Bologna and Florence going 300kph. At 250, 260, 270 I thought woo hoo but at 300 she was shuddering a bit.

Cindie said...

I'll be sending good thoughts your way Susan. My best to you on surgery and recovery and hopes that you'll be back to weaving sooner than you thought. In the meantime it sounds like you've set aside plenty of handwork to keep you busy.

Cindie said...

PS - love the elegant weaving you've been doing - exceptional as usual

Threadbare Designs said...

Here's wishing you a speedy and almost painless recovery, Susan! How wonderful that you have so much beauty waiting your careful attention when you are well on the road to a pain free knee!

Karen Reff said...

As always, your work is exquisite. The sneak peak of the scarf seems to glow from within!
I'm sending you wishes for a speedy healing. I look forward to seeing you back here and active, faster than you can imagine!

Susan Elliott said...

Yes, beautiful work, indeed. And I'll be thinking about you Monday, hoping all goes well. I've gone the replacement route (hips, not knees, so far), and it's a great pleasure to work the treadles on my loom without pain. You'll get there! All the best, Susan. You are an inspiration to this late start weaver.

Birgit Greer said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I love the beautiful and inspiring work you are doing.
Thank you for sharing it all with us, Bridget:-)

Portia's Cloth said...

All the best for your surgery and a very speedy recovery - we want to see more of your beautiful work. Helen

Elizabeth said...

I do hope that the surgery goes smoothly for you, and that your recovery will be rapid. I am totally in awe of the exquisitely beautiful work that you do, and your incredible attention to detail. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your expertise with us.
Heal quickly!

Cally said...

Good luck, Susan - hope it all goes smoothly and you make a swift recovery. Love that cooling gadget!

Peg Cherre said...

I'm sending healing thoughts your way, Susan. That's actually selfish...I don't want to spend too long without seeing your beautiful work for inspiration. ;-)