Friday, April 29, 2016

A Class Act

I'm weaving classy "classic Drall weave".... in between tax prep, yard work, window cleaning,  and catching up on Life.  One side effect of deteriorated joints and surgeries is that sets you on the sidelines and you watch other people doing things and going places.   Like you used to do.

Well, I'm feeling stronger and more myself again and I have some serious catching up to do! Some decisions to be made.

Like what colour weft to use with grape 20/2 silk?  How about mint fine bamboo?    These are going to be nice once washed and pressed up. You can see the silk's sheen coming through already as it turns the corner on the breast beam.

Next scarf? I'm staying with fine bamboo and either an old gold or ??   I'll show you what I decide next post.

I'm losing ground on the stock situation as my neighbour came over and bought two scarves for his mother and aunt both turning 90.  I'm very pleased he thought my scarves worthy of a special gift like that.   I'm going to have to keep plugging away and try to get my sales chest built back up again!

I need towels, runners and shawls  so check in from time to time and see what's being dreamed up and made real.  

That's what we do you know.... take an image from our mind and make it real.

With help from your friends of course....

Its only fair as I helped him at his job some years ago....

This is how I spent two weeks over Christmas 1984. The Via  passenger train.  The engineer, my husband Bruce,  sits on the right hand side. Everyone thought I was running the train and I was happy to let them keep thinking that!


rampantrae said...

Hi Susan

I have just read your blog from the very beginning. I can't say that I will ever get a loom due to a lack of space but weaving has certainly become a huge interest. There is nothing wrong with just reading about it but never doing any is there?

I want to say thank you for sharing your life with everyone. Once you are back in tip top condition I expect you will be busier than ever.

Many thanks


Susan Harvey said...

Hi Rachel,
Well I'm very flattered that you have read my entire blog "cover to cover".... thank you! While a lack of space might preclude a floor loom, there are many other types of weaving and looms that might suit your situation: table looms, rigid heddle looms, inkle band looms, tablet weaving cards, small tapestry looms. There are many ways to weave and get your fibre fix!

Why not find and join a weaving guild near you and try some of these different methods out and find one just right for you. If you do try this, please write to me again and let me know how you are making out....

Once again... thank you for reading my posts and, yes, I'm on the mend and feeling much better! I'm back in the studio most days and when resting my new knee, i'm winding warps. :)
All the best, Susan

karensspinzen said...

It's so good to hear that you're catching up and almost up to speed! I look forward to seeing what comes next from mind to machine.