Friday, December 2, 2016

Variations on a Theme

So, finally some weaving show and tell for you!  Do you recall the scarves I wove before the move? Well, I wound another tencel warp, this time in olive green and set the loom up as exactly as before. Same 8 shaft threading, same tie up, same sett of 24 epi and even the same type of yarn being used.  The difference was the treadling!   This is what you get when you treadle an elaborate M's and W's in a snowflake (or twill progression) sequence

Yes, that's a warp waiting to be beamed on the Spring.... finally!

This scarf is much nicer in person and its fully reversible. 

Snowflake treadling I used is the basic "X" portion of the snowflake and that is a series of advancing runs to a mid point and then a reversal:

You could try this with any type of threading, preferably in a weaving program and see what it would look like.  Even look at the back and see if its reversible.  You can mix and match different weaving sequences and create whole new looks!

With the second scarf from this warp, I took a simpler approach. Its a run on the treadles of one through to eight and back again. That's it.  This time with a royal blue over the olive green. Now I will confess that packing was starting to take precedence over weaving and so I had to weave this up quickly and get the loom ready for the big shift. 

Excuse the crease lines. I had the scarves pressed and lightly folded waiting for some sunshine and they waited much longer than expected.   We have had only six days with out rain in the last two months! Of those, only half had a glimpse of the sun.    If you live on the west coast, you have to take the winter rains in stride. I just get on with things anyhow. There's nothing you can do about it anyway!

The iridescence in this scarf is simply lovely!  I also played with the treadling a bit at the start and end to create a star feature. I'm considering adding some beads to play this star up a bit. It depends on my bead stash.... and whether it might be more of an annoyance than nice. 

Another bit of show and tell  for you are my new hang tag cards!   I used my own photograph and a template at Vista Print and created this folded card.  I went for the gloss finish as I figure these represent you out there in the wide world, so make them memorable!

More information on the back side, and I have a small hand held hole punch for when they are being used as a hang tag on a textile. (sorry this one has a fuzzy focus)

I kept the inside simple. About the item on the top, and care instruction space on the bottom. I hand write in what is needed.   If I'm using it like a regular business card, then you have space to write if need be.   I'm very happy with them.    I had a 30% off coupon code which was nice and then I resisted all the add on sales as I navigated my way to the check out.  Just as I went to press 'order' they offered me double my order for an additional $9.99, which was a good deal and so I agreed.   I have a 1000 of these now  but since we aren't moving anymore, they will keep nicely!

How did it get to be December????    I'm so not ready to do Christmas......


Cindie said...

Stunning scarves Susan.....and I love your new hangtags!

Judy said...

As usual, your weaving is a thing of beauty! I am especially smitten by the royal blue/olive scarf. I want to pet it!

Denise/CT said...

Always educational & inspiring! Love the new scarfs & cards.

Lynnette said...

These scarves are simply stunning and I love your hang tags!

Dianne said...

Wonderful weaving, love the iridescence. Must try tencel as it seems a lot shinier and softer than bamboo.

Peg Cherre said...

Those two scarves are stunners! And I like to new hang tags, too. I'm working on some of my own, so it's always good to see what others have.