Sunday, April 22, 2018

Anemones Belong Under the Sea

Sorry if I alarmed some of you with a partial post.... I was away from home and tried writing a post "on the fly" and discovered I had hit publish when I meant draft.... and a quick scurry to fix it, well didn't!

I haven't stopped weaving or blogging.  Trust me, if that day ever comes, I will be honest and tell you that I'm stopping or taking a break.

You have to know that there is a private side to my life that you don't hear about but I have been overwhelmed recently with emotions and feelings that are hard to put into words and share.... especially share with the world.   After talking with my husband Bruce, he's given the all's clear to share.  We hope by telling the story of his diagnosis and coming treatment to help demystify the process.

When last I wrote,  Hub had a kidney stone 'missing' and assumed that it had passed into the bladder.  The Urologist wanted to scope and double check where it was for sure.   Sometimes they can get jammed up somewhere, cause no pain and the other kidney takes over all duties and that's not a good situation to be in.  

So three days after I last posted, Hub had the scope thing done.  The stone was not blocking anything, or even in the bladder. Where it went to, no one knows !  You'd think Hub would notice a 6 mm stone 'leaving' wouldn't you?

The first sign of trouble was the funny sea anemone that appeared on the monitor screen.  You are not supposed to have those in a bladder.  While Hub was trying to mentally work what it was out, a voice from beside him said "that my friend is a malignant tumour.... cancer".     We have been in some weird headspace ever since.   We did go over to visit friends directly after and had a cup of tea which helped immensely.  But the doctors  send you home with a "we'll be  in touch" and and nothing else, and then there's a big time period of nothingness.

While we waited for any information,  we talked things through and we have gone from full on pep rally mode to some deep dark places and back again. We have avoided googling things and instead saw our family doctor who gave us his best run through of the process.

Suddenly you become aware of the vagaries of Life....  a search for a missing  piece of crystal 'stone' turned up a silent visitor.  We are grateful that it was found early and so are optimistic.  Surgery is May 3rd  for cancer removal and lazering of stones ....and there will be many follow up medical appointments for some time to come.

So in the days and weeks while we have waited,  Bruce has a new estate model train collection to inventory and find buyers for which has kept him busy.   I have to say that having a warp on the loom was a life saver some days.  A twelve shaft point twill, a painted 8/2 tencel warp by Iridescent Fibers called Midnight and a simple treadling gave me a place to come to and just watch the colours change as the shuttle flew back and forth.

It slowly shifts from a blue violet to a grape and then it evolves into a magenta....

I added eggplant and old gold to the edges to frame it and used black as weft on this scarf.   The second scarf I used a twill progression that resembles feather (to my mind) and used eggplant weft.

I had to pay closer attention to treadling this scarf!  The eggplant is nice but black makes the colours really pop.  I did audition navy blue as well and it was just blah.

So they are woven, fringes twisted and washed / pressed and first sunny opportunity they will be photographed and I'll post them here.    So not too long a wait....

I have a second painted warp on I call Dark Chocolate Cherries.... and its quite unlike my usual colour range.   You can see a version of it at Iridescent Fibers link under 3.5 yard warp : "Dark Chocolate" I'm trying to be more inclusive of other colours on the wheel.... and in between.

Well, we're home again now and I have a pile of laundry to wade through today and since Hub's at a train show today, I can weave while I wait.    

So please don't worry.... we are optimistic about the coming operation and recovery.   We'll be staying close to home this summer   😎


Nancy said...

Wow! I hope things go well, and that you both continue to pursue activities that you enjoy.

Your weaving is absolutely gorgeous, as usual.

Hilary said...

You know I will be thinking about you both, and praying for best outcome ever.

Peg Cherre said...

Sending positive, healing thoughts your way.

Cindie said...

I'm so glad you posted, I saw the beginning of your other post and was worried about what was going on. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way. I know someone that had bladder cancer well over 10 years ago and after surgery and treatment she's still doing great so I'm wishing the same for Bruce.

Jenny Bellairs said...

Susan, I was looking at your Thrumms blog yesterday because you have a Woolhouse 20+ and I had some questions about it.

Then I got your most recent post in my email this morning about Bruce. I’m so sorry this is happening to both of you.

I know when I was first diagnosed with cancer almost five years ago, I could think of nothing else unless I had something to distract me and welcomed anything not to do with cancer. I don’t know how Bob felt, since he was on the spouse end of the deal. All the uncertainty, and even after a plan is made, is hard. With the start of treatments, more nervousness will probably come. I pray you have a great support system in your new home. If you need someone to talk to, you can bend my ear.

I sent my contact info to you on Messenger.

If you want some distraction, I am setting up my Cranbrook loom with the tie-up system in the back and had a couple of questions about the cords and their lengths. Bob is building the tie-up box for it.

If you are not up to it, I completely understand! I will keep Bruce and you in my prayers.

P.S. Your weaving is always beautiful. I enjoy seeing all you produce.
Jenny Bellairs
Charlevoix the Beautiful

Susan Harvey said...

Thank you to everyone for your kind words! Our support system is primarily Hub and me.... and a couple of close friends. But as you know, you hate to wear friends out so you tend to just keep quiet and get on with things. There's younger family but they live further away and are all caught up in their work lives / raising kids or going to University. That's why I (we) decided to post about things here so we can journal things. This was intended to be a weaving blog but since life happens to us all, its about changed a bit until we can put this behind us.

Jenny: I no longer have a Woolhouse Tools Loom and 20+ system. I have no paperwork to refer to for measurements or even any of the cords. If you look among my friends list at FB, you'll find a Rev Wayne Nicholson listed and I know he has a 20+ on his Glimakra and can possibly take measurements for you. Just send him a message and tell him I sent you. ;) Hope this helps!