Tuesday, March 17, 2020

"May You Live in Interesting Times..."

I try to keep my blog to weaving with a dash of grand kids and only pinch of my personal life, but as the  subject line says, "these are interesting times".   Actually, its more like scary times with this Covid 19 sweeping the world.

This is a natural disaster. 

But the world has gone through and survived such pandemics before. It will pass, but it will take time.  It will take much patience.

Please check your local health authority web page for up to date information and advice and take them seriously.

Wash your hands...    soap and water, for 20-30 seconds,  is actually more effective than hand sanitizer.

My husband and I have cancelled all medical appointments, planned visits with friends and family and will be staying home in isolation for the duration.  We both have underlying health issues and so feel this is best for us.  We took care of much of our future business via phone calls and on line and  have arranged for grocery shopping on line with delivery to our front door.  Due to high demand I must shop on line at midnight and they are limiting certain items, but we are fortunate to have this option in 2020.

We are also very fortunate in Canada to have excellent healthcare system and very dedicated staff but there are limits to what they can do if the system is swamped by vast numbers of infected people.  This is why they want to flatten the curve so please self isolate and stay home.

As weavers and spinners, we have wonderful tools at hand and large stashes to play with.   I'll be weaving and enjoying the back patio when its warm enough to sit out there.   Hubby is planning to progress with his music lessons on line and get proficient with his ukulele and new guitar. He also has art supplies and will be dabbling in paints.    We have streaming services and internet so we are all still connected.  FaceTime means I can talk to the grandkids and  see how they are.

Grand daughter Madison had her 5th birthday party cancelled but she and her mother played with paints instead.

She and Grandad can compare their art via FaceTime !

Flattening the curve saves lives but it does extend the duration that we must self isolate.   Pace yourself and be prepared for  many weeks and possibly months.   You can still go outside and go for a walk..... just by yourself or with your housemate. We plan to go for a drive and maybe sit on a log by the ocean to get fresh air and connect..... but by ourselves.

The phone works and so call friends, email and see how everyone in your social circle is doing.  Call a neighbour to see how they are.  Stay connected.

An interesting side line to all this enforced isolation is that there are less cars, planes and people moving and so pollution levels have been dropping worldwide. They can actually see and monitor the drops in levels from satellites in space.  Venice's canals have cleared and they can see small fish in the waters.  The  yellow clouds above some cities in China have cleared up.   Maybe the planet will use the pause to heal?    It will at least demonstrate the real impact that we have on the Earth and make the climate change deniers think twice.

For those of you who must work, please do so from home if you can, and if you still report in, keep your distance.  Two meters or 6 feet of distance. Wear gloves if you have them  and always wash your hands!   Cough and sneeze into your 'chicken wing' (elbow).

We have been complaining about how modern life is too fast paced and so consider this  time to slow down and smell the spring flowers and reconnect with your spouse.   😊  🌷  😷

And now for some historical trivia ....

Kelowna is a city in south central British Columbia, Canada ..... but this flu spread around the world with the returning soldiers from WW1.

100+ years ago... Kelowna was experiencing the Spanish Flu pandemic.
Here is part of an article from the November 7th, 1918 Kelowna Record an a Public Service ad from the same edition.
"Dr. Knox has made some observations on the epidemic in general which might be useful. The vast majority of deaths are caused by pneumonia developing, and fully 50 per cent, of these are caused by going out too soon and returning to business before complete recovery. Many cases not serious in themselves have through carelessness of this kind developed a relapse and pneumonia. 
When a case occurs in a household put the patient to bed at once, phone the doctor, and he will give instructions as to the method of isolation, protection for the balance of the household and treatment. 
Children should not be allowed to play in groups in the street and parents must realize that to obtain the full benefit from the closing of the schools children must be kept at home. They should not be allowed downtown unless accompanied or sent on some specific errand. People in stores should be careful to sneeze or cough in a handkerchief and refrain from spitting on the floor or sidewalk. Hands should always be washed before eating. People suffering from colds or sore throats would be wise to remain home if possible until recovered. 

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