Saturday, September 12, 2020

The Quiet One.... They Said

 We have set up a play area playpen for Rhaea and I was cleaning up after .....   Well,  Rhaea had to tell us what she thought of the noisy, scary vacuum !

As you have probably gathered, there's no weaving happening right now.....  but soon I hope!   🤞  


Keesha said...

Too cute. Thanks for sharing

thistle rose weaving said...

Little Miss sounds just like my two when the evil vacuum is running. It gets so loud with all the growling and barking I have learned to let them outside while I clean. Peace and quiet!

Loom With A View said...

We only ever had one pet who didn't mind the vacuum. The most easy going cat ever. Figured out later that she was as deaf as a post! said...

BLuckily they grow quicker than babies. OUr German Shepherd is 5 years old on the 21st September, I remember thinking he will never become adult, and suddenly he is nearly 5.
She is beautiful.B