Thursday, October 9, 2008

Something to be Truly Thankful For!

The Canadian Thanksgiving weekend is almost here and look what arrived on my door step this morning!

There was just the two boxes: this large one with nifty lifting handles and another smaller box which is just behind. Together they are not overly heavy and we brought them inside. Our little dog Connor was checking things out too. He loves to help unwrap things.

When we opened the top and bottom of the large box, the whole main frame gently slid out. The reed is snugged in tight where the blue tape is. There was also a box tucked under the lamms:

It held a lot of the smaller parts and bags of nut, bolts, screws and even all the tools to put the loom together. Literally all we will need is a small mallet at some point for gentle 'tapping'.

The second box (complete with wood end pieces for strength!) held some of the heavier long pieces as the breast beam and the cloth and warp beams, lease sticks, warping sticks.

I have *never* seen anything so well wrapped and packaged. My husband commented several time about how well it is organised. The tools provided are not cheap throw aways either.

Now, this section of the castle below is what I saw first as I pulled on the loom as my husband pushed. I must say that I panicked! I thought it was some horrible mistake! A quick call to Jane Stafford and our finally finding the assembly guide, I came to realize that these parts are temporary for shipping and the proper parts are placed later. (phew!) I think Jane is still chuckling over that call!

So I have unwrapped everything and placed all the treadle screws and snipped all the tops and bottoms of my heddles. Tomorrow I start the assembly process in earnest!

On being thankful....

My husband Bruce had a bad moment the day before yesterday and he was taken to the hospital. We had a few worrying 12 hours hours while he was thoroughly checked out but after a stress test yesterday, it's *not* his heart. It might be something simple like his inner ear and balance.... or possibly something a bit more. We'll find out more in the coming days.

He has never waivered in his support of my weaving over the years and I call him my 'Patron of the Arts'. This weekend when we all take stock of what we have to be thankful for....he will come to my mind first.

Thanks Sweetie.... :)


Alison said...

That is definitely something to be thankful for! I recently got a new-to-me Spring and love it. You will be so happy with it!

bspinner said...

Your are lucky to have such a wonderful husband!!!!! He's a keeper. I wish him the best of luck with his health!!!
New loom - how exciting!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Peg in South Carolina said...

Your loom is almost all put together just out of the box! You should see how the Leclerc looms arrive---in 9 or 10 boxes......... I love the picture of your hubbie. he looks like a sweetie.

Carrie said...

<3 I'm thankful for you both this year.

Susan said...

Thank you for the nice comments!
Peg: Louet doesn't want their loom customers to have to fight or fiddle with the cord and set up of each shaft. They pre-set it all at the factory. The only adjustments you may make is at the end of the tie- up cords to the treadles. If the beater is too high or low, there is an adjustment device at the bottom of the beater uprights. It's very well thought out!

Carrie: Yes, we're thank for you too.... though we wished you lived closer! NC is too far away!