Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Half Way There

They say a picture tells a thousand words....

Its been many years since I had a cold and/ or flu bug in the summer.....but this one was simply dreadful.  It came with all the usual symptoms but I never suspected the train wreck that was to come!  Colds aren't simple anymore when you have Lupus.   I must confess that some days simply having a shower and changing to a clean nightie was the accomplishment of the day.   It moved into my throat and bronchial passages and so there's a whole new meaning to that term "coughing up a lung".   I feel like a mule has kicked in my ribs!

I'm slowly improving and thanks to Bruce, I haven't starved to death.  I couldn't taste anything mind you! Did you know that even when you can't taste food, you can still register salt and sweet with your tastebuds?

Have you ever noticed that if you have what you might call "your normal aches and pains" how they totally all disappear when you get sick?  Its like the body says "I simply can't do all of this at the same time!"  Rather cruel I thought....being able to walk better, but too sick to go.

Needless to say, there has been ZERO weaving done..... and all of this was going on in the middle of a heat wave here.

Now Bruce is coming down with this bug and so I'll be passing the tissue box to him shortly.

Like the rest of the world,  I was stunned by Robin William's death. I loved the way he found the funny in ANY situation and made huge difference in so many people's lives. I'm just saddened by the way the same genius that moved through him, also came with demons.

While he was a crazy manic comedian, he was also a incredible serious actor: Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, The Fisher King and many more.  One movie he made never gained much notice but I actually went of of my way to find it and buy it.  Its a amazing kaleidoscope of colour and imagery but with a very dark and gritty subject matter.

What Dreams May Come   was made in 1998. Its about a man who dies in a car crash and he searched the afterlife for his wife. When he finds she's not there, he goes to Hell to recover her.  It would seem that Hell is actually her mind and he must rescue her from herself.   A poignant subject now that we know how Robin died.

.... and you simply must watch Patch Adams too....that treatment plan is based on an actual real life Doctor and his hospital.  Should be required watching for all medical students and doctors who take their job too seriously.


Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling much better soon.

barbara said...

Hi Susan,
Sorry to hear you have been "under the weather", a flu bug in the summer time is not fun at all. I am pleased to hear you are making progress through the course of the flu. Hopefully, you are back on your feet and feeling much better in the next day or two. Sorry to hear that Bruce is coming down with the flu - it will be your turn to help him out. Take care and hopefully your place will be "flu free" in no time flat.
Weaverly yours ..... Barbara

Louisa said...

Oh yuck. Poor you! And Bruce too. Hope everyone gets the bugs out of their system quickly. Feel better soon.

I watched pretty much every movie Robin made and totally agree with you. When he had a good director who could reign in his more off-the-wall stuff he was very very good. Genius is just one tiny increment away from crazy, right? He was the same age as me. So sad that he couldn't (or wouldn't) get the help he needed.

Theresa said...

Oh Susan, Hope you are feeling better soon. Lupus is a bear, not a wolf and one I've wrestled with for years myself. And yes, colds/flus can be just plain awful these days. Hope Bruce sails through it quickly.
Sad about Robin Williams but honestly I'm surprised he didn't self destruct before now, so for me not surprising.

Threadbare Designs said...

So sorry to hear you've been through the ringer lately, Susan. It sounds like you go the bug to end all bugs! Hopefully you are on the mend now, and Bruce's turn won't be quite so horrible. Take care!

Suzanna said...

Hope you're both feeling alot better by now. Just wanted to tell you that your tea towel as a present from me as a houseguest, was VERY much appreciated.

Susan Harvey said...

Thanks for letting me know Suzanna!

I'm much better than I was but I may have walking pneumonia now.... Dr ppt tomorrow.
A whole month sick is just nasty! I missed summer laying on a couch...

:( Susan