Wednesday, March 18, 2015

An Amazing Eight Days!

Meet "Madison Ava" born March 10th, 2015 and weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounces. Yes, that's me cuddling her. She's a very calm and cuddly baby. When she sleeps, her whole body relaxes. Some newborns still stay clenched with arms and legs folded up. Not this little girl!

This was our first peek at her on her actual birth  day. The hat looks large on here there but its only three to four inches across and is *very* tiny!

We headed over to meet her and see Ethan this past Friday.  Bruce fell in love with one look! 

Okay,  maybe Nana fell hard too with my first cuddle. We are working on a burp here!

Everything is so brand new!

Then there was Ethan, who will be three in April. He is the complete opposite of his calm sister! Constantly on the move, constantly talking in full sentences, and with intermittent shrieks!

Ethan is also train crazy.  This pleases Grandad Bruce, a retired locomotive engineer, to no end! We gave him one toy Thomas the Tank engine way back when he was first born.  Then his parents surrounded him with many other toys and play centres, but he found that train and hasn't looked back since! Here we are giving him a new stool with a train on it. He can now get closer to the sink wash his hands or help with the dishes. 

He watches Thomas the Tank on the iPad. The only time he's quiet outside of his bed at night I might add.

....or sits on the couch and watches Thomas the Tank and his Friends on the big screen TV....

.....or better still, you play train crash with Grandad!  Grandad's train fell down the hill in what must have been the worse crash of Bruce's railway career!

Ethan took me upstairs to show me his room and also to show me Madison's tree:

Soft dove gray with pink accents and little dragon flies. I found a little pink onesie with a dragon fly and also bibs and little soft shoes with dragon flies. Then there was the blanket I wove this past October.... two links to view:   here and here.  This used to be our guest room when we came to stay. We had a quiet hotel room to withdraw to at night instead this time. {But we were rudely woken *early* every morning by running children in the room directly above our heads every morning!  Quite the joke huh? }

The blanket finally made its final destination and put to use right away.  That makes a weaver feel good!

Also in the last eight days, to add to the joy,  my long time bachelor brother announced he and his lady are now engaged! No date set as yet.   Then my daughter  got married this past Friday in Colorado!  She and her new husband live in the Denver, Colorado area.   Then finally, my dear Dad is being released from hospital today after being admitted in January.  His situation was touch and go for awhile, so going home again must feel very sweet!

All that's missing is the lottery win...... but I think we already have done that!


Peg Cherre said...

Holy cow - that's a lotta stuff! Thanks for sharing the great family photos, Susan!

barbara said...

Hi Susan - What a wonderful bunch of news you have to share; sure sounds to me like you have already won the Lotto. Madison Ava is beautiful and looks so happy to have made her appearance. Ethan seems to be a going concern and he will be a wonderful big brother. Nice news on your brother and your daughter; and I am so pleased to hear that you Dad is finally going home!!! Hopefully, all is well with your recovery from surgery, with all this good news it must make you just want to dance around. Congratulations to you and Bruce on your beautiful granddauther. Weaverly yours ....

Cindie said...

Wow - what a great 8 days!!! what a cutie your grand-daughter is.....and grandson too!

Anonymous said...

Lovely family pictures Susan! Your lovely Grandchildren are beautiful, you must be so proud! Love the pictures of Bruce and the great train wreck.

Gjeani said...

congratulations! what a beautiful little girl. and her big brother is looking so big! enjoy

Karen Reff said...

Oh, Wonderful! Congratulations on all fronts!

Louisa said...

Congratulations on your new and very cute little granddaughter! I swear, we grandparents get the best job of all, don't we?

Elizabeth said...

So glad you have had a happy week!
Your grandchildren are adorable.

Dianne said...

Congratulations on all the family events. Wonderful news.
Glad to hear you are back at the loom as well.