Friday, January 8, 2016

....And the Winner is....

On the 8th anniversary of me starting this blog, you, the  contestants had a 1 in 38 chance of being drawn!  Not bad odds huh?  Better than the lottery !   {There were a total of 39 comments but one person commented on each post... so only one entry to the draw}

So here's the prize. Its a guest towel woven by me (10/2 mercerized cotton and a fine Bambu 12 weft called  water chestnut which is much like an ecru.  Yes, there is a treadling error but the towel is pretty none the less!  I made up 38 little tags of paper and had all names entered and into the wee basket (that a friend made by hand and gifted us for Christmas).

A good stir and toss......

....and the name drawn was Deanna

Deanna has a blog she writes called Deanna's Weaving and seems to be very accomplished!  I searched for an email address for you Deanna to contact you directly but came up empty!  So please contact me via emmatrude(at) when you see this.    

I simply can't believe that its now 8 years since I started this blog.  I had been the President of the Guild of Canadian Weavers for a period of four + years and it involved being on the computer almost daily with emails, meetings and such.   When my term was over and I stepped down, I went from being totally involved to a sudden nothing. I needed something to become involved in regularly as I became more involved with Life and weaving again and less about computers and meetings. 

A blog so that I could share what others had generously taught me over the years and in turn I could share with other weavers, such as yourself ..... and I could go about it in a way with blogging that makes it easier for both you and me. I'm sure many of you sit and read posts in your jammies.  

 I somehow sense that while blogs are still very popular, they don't enjoy the large readership they had of a few years ago.   I did create a Facebook page called Thrums Textiles   and I also created an Etsy shop of the same name. Even Pinterest, though I'm still trying to work out how this site actually works!  I'm trying to keep up with the times but draw the line at all the other social media web sites such as Instagram.... if I joined them all, I would never get any weaving done! (But if there's one you think I should know about, then please contact me!)  I hope to do more weaving this year and then write to you here more often than I was able to last year.

I'm optimistic at any rate! 

So Congratulations to Deanna.....

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Deanna said...

Thank you so much. As I was reading the post, I thought...oh look someone with the same name as me won... I am thrilled.