Friday, June 21, 2019

Spinning a Rainbow 🌈

I have a lovely batt of fine merino and silks all custom dyed and blended  by Yarnshine Fibre Arts. (Etsy and FB) It runs through  the rainbow with a black base across the spectrum.  I dusted off my Rose wheel and have been spinning up the deep violet and just progressed into the turquoise range.  It comes with a batt of jet black to spin up so you can ply the two together. I reckon its going to be a classy look and I'm  enjoying the process.

Its Pride Month, and I just lost a dear friend to whom he and his spouse thought that this is all so very important.  To simply be. To live, love and enjoy each day. Its not much to ask really.   Its a very human desire.

This yarn simply glows! 

Here's the balance of the batt and you can see where I have been nibbling away on the far right.

The little Victoria wheel sees more action as it travels with me and I seem to be endlessly spinning this strawberry mix.  Its lovely but I have a lot more of it to go !

I had the guild ladies over for a spinning, socializing yesterday afternoon on the patio. It was fun, despite a gale force breeze that fortunately was blocked by the house for the main part. We had a little oasis of relative calm. 

Nothing makes you tidy the studio up better than having company!  Last year the Megado failed to perform and so much mechanical tinkering was done and solutions found.   This time, I wove on her the day before to ensure no problems again, but on the day: the brake wouldn't release, the weaving program was being uncooperative but I did manage to get some throws in.   I felt like a complete novice....   geesh.

So today, I rolled up my imaginary sleeves and got busy and cranked out half a meter on some towels.  No issues at all. The brake worked fine, the weaving program was snappy and responsive.
I guess it doesn't like crowds or had performance anxiety!  😳

I had a threading for a 16 shaft braided twill with 8/2 cotton warp and cottolin weft, and decided to change to another draft instead.  So this is a hybrid of a threading for braided twill  that featured straight runs, combined with a fancy point twill in the tie up, and the two melded together looked like this:

I can't take any credit. My 'brain' here does all the hard work!

So I'm thinking most of the trouble yesterday was 'operator error'..... and practise makes perfect.  Simply do the work and learn the program properly.   As with most things in life, there are no short cuts.   So I'm still learning this old message at my advanced years....  I can almost hear my mother and father laughing from here....   🤣

The looms says "no comment". 


Cindie said...

That's going to be stunning handspun. I had a couple batts along those lines only they were mostly black with bits of rainbow silks - it turned out beautiful but yours is even more so with more color.

thistle rose weaving said...

Love all the hand spun yarn!

Unknown said...

hi, I'm glad I found your lovely blog. I may be getting a 45" Leclerc Tissart, but I can not find info on how to warp it. I am used to rotating heddle bar frame loom tapestry, and have done several pieces. although the used tissart will have all the papers with it, I am wondering if there are any youtubes, etc. to dress it. I am not a floor loom user. I understand the concept of heddles, etc. could you give me any info other than what what will be in the booklet? I thank you

Susan Harvey said...

Hi 'Unknown'.... I must tell you that I have yet to warp up my Tissart myself but have been doing some research into the method. I will wind a warp (narrow one to start as a practise piece) and ensure one end is continuous loops and a thread by thread cross. The end loops will go through a rod which will be lashed to the upper warp beam.

My Hub will wind the warp on while I do the tensioning. Once all wound on, then I can thread through the heddles (1,2,1,2 etc). Then down to the reed and sley one per dent. It will be used to beat the weft occasionally. Then take the warp over the front breast bar and tie or lash onto the bottom cloth beam.

Well, this is my plan anyhow! I was told by a Tissart owner to envision the upright loom as a normal floor looms and use the similar steps, but just from top to bottom!

With you not being a floor loom user, it puts you at a slight disadvantage but You Tube may have videos you can view. I'll check myself and if I find any, I'll post the links here in the comment section okay? Please share any you find as well.....