Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hang on for a Bumpy Ride

Sixteen days is what it took for there to be an accepted offer on our house and property!  Oh, and a total eighteen viewings and two other offers.    It was a nail biter finish yesterday. Someone is very happy and another family is very disappointed.    We're just feeling numb right now.    To be fair, our realtor told us after we signed the listing papers to strap in for the ride!

So that's part one done and now we move onto the next phase which is finding a new place to live.  Kinda scary letting go with one hand and having faith the next step is there.  A second ride and hopefully smoother....

I have finished weaving the second scarf and just have samples to weave off and then I'm into fringe twisting (when I'm not on the road viewing homes).

I can stop cleaning now.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Good Idea at the Time...

I can't blame my lack of weaving on summer as its been unseasonably cool and we've even had rain.  There were two sets of company that came and had a brief visit with us, which was delightful.

No....I must blame this instead.   Its all self inflicted too.  The goal is to reduce stairs (we have ground floor entry and main floor is up)..... and overall property size.

It seems the overly hot real-estate market in Vancouver has 'flowed' to Vancouver Island and we've had fourteen viewings in ten days. Finally had two days in a row off and another viewing today.    There was even an offer for a short time but it wasn't a good deal money wise, or on various dates.

There is an awful lot of housecleaning going on daily and we're living 'lightly' in the house when home.   I often wonder what they think when they see the studio in what should be a large TV family room.

I don't seem to have any issues with uprooting ourselves and finding a new home and community to live. The new home, once we have an accepted offer on this house, will be here on Vancouver island and most likely a bit further north.  There are a number of lovely towns complete with weaving guilds and new friends so I'm kinda excited about that.

I have been weaving in brief snatches of time, usually waiting for laundry to finish their cycles late a night.  The viewings seems to be any time from 9:30 am to 7 pm and we have to be out of the house for an hour for each. That's a lot of time in the car.... waiting. So I'm getting a lot of reading done.

Speaking of books: there's a new weaving book out on weaving Leno and my copy is on its way. Check the link out!

I showed a sneak peek in my last post of a new project under way.... well, its still on the loom but now I'm starting scarf number two:

There will be some show and tell for you.....eventually.   I have also been pre-winding new warps which will most likely won't be beamed until after the move but they are ready to go, including project notes and weft choices.

We have three moving quotes in now and will continue to downsize to reduce the load.  Selling, buying and moving is a stressful time.  I had a good laugh when I saw this picture on Google Images:

Who are these people?  They can't be moving. All they need is candles and music.   

Here's our property from above.... high above!  That's the garage and garden / orchard down by the road and the house is tucked back in the trees.  Nicely private....   but a lot of lawn to cut. Time for younger, healthy  bones to enjoy the country life.