Saturday, February 11, 2023

A Life Well Lived

I got some sad news today 🥲


It is with regret that I must share the passing of Guild of Canadian Weavers Masterweaver Margaret Hahn on February 7th, 2023. She obtained her certificate in 1984, her thesis was on Opphampta. She also served as the GCW Test Mentor for many years.
I have posted her Obituary as published by her family below.
I was happy to call her a dear friend and weaving mentor and through her encouragement, had my feet firmly set on the weaving path, and my time and service in the GCW. Since I was a serving GCW president at the time of completeing my basic level, both Margaret Hahn as Mentor and Sandra Fearon as Test Administrator signed my certificate. The first and only so far I believe to not have a president’s signature. I’m fortunate to have some of her hand wovens and a couple of shuttles, but the best gift of all besides her encouragement, was her Megado loom which I use daily.
Margaret first came to weaving by using bed lap frames with her recovering patients in 1947 in her role as an occupational therapist. I met Margaret in 1995 as a new weaver and neighbour. She ‘inspected’ my first used loom and made sure of my posture and bench height to get me off to a good start right away. While I struggled with the learning curve, she picked up a shuttle and simply danced away on the treadles and it showed me what was possible! When I complained about my selvedges, she told me to ‘weave a mile’ and while it was said with a smile, she wasn’t joking. Of course she was right. I still recall her as mentor looking at an overshot tray cloth I had woven as part of my Basic level and she declared my circles as ovals and confiscated it and set it on her tea trolley and set a plant pot on it. She never did give it back!
Margaret inspired many weavers with her workshops and mentoring at both the local level or through her time mentoring with the Guild of Canadian Weavers. I know of several who started the testing program thanks to her encouragement.
After knowing her for many years I discovered that she wasn’t just Marg Hahn, friend and neighbour, but actually Baroness von Hahn. As you will see from her obituary, she lived a rich and full life outside of weaving.
The pictures of Margaret in a pink top are  from July 2012

This is her obituary and photo as placed by her family. Please click to enlarge to read.


The Ponderosa Guild of Kelowna, BC shard their memories of Margaret:

Margaret von Hahn

1928 - 2023


Marg Hahn, as the Ponderosa Guild knew her, died last week in Vernon BC. Marg joined us in the mid 1980's, after moving to Carr's Landing (Lake Country) from Winnipeg. Originally from Cornwall, England, she had completed her Occupational Therapist training at Oxford University, which included a vigorous weaving component.


Marg became an active Guild member, teaching various weaving classes, a term as President, and as newsletter Editor. All while completing her Master Weavers programme for the Guild of Canadian Weavers, with her 4th year thesis on Opphamta in 1994. John Low of Woolhouse Tools named his 'Margaret' draw loom after her.


She did take spinning and other classes, but preferred weaving. Dye classes at her house overlooking the lake was always great summer fun, as was attending ANWG conferences with her. Marg was always willing to share her knowledge with our members, in addition to test mentoring GCW members doing their Master Weavers programmes.


Marg was a wonderful weaver with great colour sense, excelling in silk tartan scarves and tartan blankets. Her Okanagan Tartan was accepted by the Lord Lyon of Scotland. Our Christmas sales certainly benefitted from her elegant work.


She stopped weaving about 2012, aged 84! When she moved from Lake Country to Armstrong in 2020, she very generously donated her many weaving books and magazines to the Guild.


We will continue to benefit from her legacy for years to come.



Thursday, February 9, 2023

New Tricks

This was a fun box to receive last week! Its like Christmas all over again.   Now, not all of these are mine as some are for a friend who also weaves.

I have been weaving  all kinds of kitchen towels warps in the past few years and using only my stash yarns.   I still have lots but none of the "neat colours". I seem to have 8/2 cotton colours that really need something else to liven it up and nothing left for white or black. 

So I called in an order to Brassards and gave them my customer number and order. They called back to tell me that they have no record of me and that number belongs to someone else now.    Its been so long since I placed an order, they gave my number away!  That sure made me chuckle....

So now that I have a nice selection of colours to choose from I'm searching for a draft to do some more kitchen towels.   I'll make it a long one....

That book sitting on top is a brand new sample book as my old one is from 2013.   Its worth every penny too! Can you imagine sitting threading cards like these for hours on end? 

So what else is new?   Well, I have two completed shawls and three table runners all waiting for their glamour shots with the camera. Its been dark and stormy here and on the days the sun comes out, it almost blinds you!   So there's been  much going on and it will all be posted here in due course.  The shawls need to have natural light to show them to their best due to the colours of the warp and the weft.

The runners.....they can be hard to photograph decently and not look like blocks laying on a table and something more interesting is required.     But soon!

I discovered some new 3D printed brackets for the lease sticks on the Megado and ordered a pair along with their silicone bands to hold them in place.   They are printed rainbow style and shift from orange to aquamarine.   

 I just tried them out for the first time and apparently set them into the wrong spot but it seemed to work okay for the most part.  I'll try the proper spot next time on the next warp.  So here they are in use and a sneak peek at a new warp.

If I place them on the correct centre board mid way and turn the holders the other way, it may be too far a reach? I'll have to see next time. The lease sticks need to be trimmed down by half an inch as they fit too snugly between the sides of the loom.    I know they are a bit too low for threading where they are, but I love the whole idea that people (in this case the husband of a weaver) are thinking of new ways to do things and improve the process!

These lease stick holders are made with a Megado loom in mind  by  but there are other options out there for a few loom  make and models  at and they have one for Spring looms and a few other manufacturers.   Check them both out!

We have some valiant spring flowers starting to make their way up between rain squalls and gusty winds. They are much tougher than they look!   🌷

So I'll be keeping the camera near and watching for some sunshine (minus high winds!) and will be back soon.

This is our grandson Ethan who just won a gold and as silver medal at a recent jujitsu tournament.   For the readers who may recall me announcing his birth (which feels like yesterday) he's turning 10 in April. 
So me missing posting for the month of January is nothing to the decade that went by in a blink!  😳 🏆