Sunday, June 24, 2018

Calli : our Girl has gone

Calli: April 11th, 2010 - June 23rd, 2018

Calli was doing just fine. She was enjoying the back yard and would ask to go out and lay in the sun. There were birds to chase, deer to keep an eye out for and someone would come and throw the ball. She loved the new home and yard!   

She had experienced some digestive issues with diarrhea but we had a treatment plan / diet all worked out with our vet. Then there was the soft mass tumour that was successfully removed last July.   At eight years old, she was sleeping a bit more and sometimes a bit slower to get up.... but she was energetic when it came to a ball game, playing chase or going out in the car.   

This past week she wouldn't eat her dinner and had diarrhea. So we weren't too concerned as this has happened before. She was drinking large amounts of fresh water and active.  We rest her for a day and then re-introduce foods (rice and chicken).... but she continued to refuse food.  

Then she quit drinking water. We tried her with everything she loved to eat but no luck.   Now Calli had Cushings disease which is a form of  hyper aldosteronism so we were worried it had progressed, or the cancerous tumour had come back somewhere in her body.   The extensive lab tests came back and no cancer,  Cushings Disease had progressed a bit but nothing serious..... but her creatinine levels were right off the charts in the red.  So high that they had to dilute the urine sample so the machine could read the results!  The diagnosis of end stage kidney failure caught all of us by surprise.   Sadly it was too far advanced for treatment, so we made a hard decision that was in her best interests.

Our house is so still and quiet without her. We gathered all her toys and beds but there are still little surprises we find and  that start the tears all over again.    She was a very gentle soul and simply loved to be with us where ever we went.  She loved car rides.   She also loved us both equally and spent time each day with both of us.  With me, she'd have her afternoon nap near my loom as I wove. 
This is going to take a long time......

Calli at age 10 months with her cute helicopter tail 

Also at age 10-11 months: its a very Airedale thing to cross their feet like this.

Always ready with a toy.

She loved to sleep on her back.....

And she loved to play in the snow. Great fun!

At our last home and property she loved to wander the acreage and sometimes walk in the creek (a bath always followed that trick)

After we moved in 2016 she found this spot at the front door while we unpacked and its was a daily favourite to watch the neighbours, paperboy, school kids and dog walkers going by.

Wearing her onesie after her cancer surgery last July.

Ready to play again two weeks after surgery!

She'd run out ahead of us onto the lawn and get ready with her latest favourite ball!

Playing in the snow this past December...

Car rides....

yes, I know I'm in your seat.... so?

Father's day card June 2018

I'll close with this picture my late father made of Calli using a picture he took of her and applied an art filter to create a painted effect.    She was our treasure and we miss her terribly.....

Edit: June 25th 2018

Bruce and I want to share a special comment that came from a new friend. Tal was at our home just before we had to leave for the vets this past Saturday morning. He met Calli briefly as we lifted her into the car. He wrote to us after learning she had passed away. With his permission I share his message to us: 

I am so sad to hear about your loss. I lost my dearest friend when I was twenty, he was a Labrador Retriever cross with White Wolf dog, and had been with me ever since I was five years old, so I understand how much this hurts. I was struck by Calli, she looked so strong, so full of joy and life, despite having not been eating and drinking for so long, so I can only imagine what a pleasure and sheer force of Life she was for this family. The only solace we can find when we face such loss is in knowing that we have done our best, and that being small, finite humans, sometimes even our best is not enough to save those whom we love. Yet still, I believe that in knowing that we have given them our everything while we could, there is peace to be found, and even beauty in the midst of such pain. I hope that when the time will be right, when this grief will have run its course, you will make another dog very happy, and he or she you--for as I am sure that you and Susan know, we need our dog friends much more than they need us. They remind us of this primal Life that we human beings with our decorum, moralities, and stories so easily forget; they remind us that there is a truth to love and togetherness that a hundred million dollars could never replace; and most importantly, they remind us that despite all of our human madness, that despite all this strange complications that we introduce into our world, Life is profoundly simple.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Travel Post: Deep Bay, BC

Deep Bay is along the east coast of Vancouver Island, south of the town of Courtenay.  Very pretty little community and most homes have stunning ocean views.  We had an offer on a home here for a time 18-20 months ago which fell through.  It all worked out fine for us so we're happy.....  but we went for drive to see the community we almost called ours.

Panorama view of the interior bay.... at low tide.

This view is facing the mainland and shipping enters by moving leftwards and it curves around to enter the Deep Bay. The mountains you see are over on the mainland.

The vessels enter the bay approx mid picture towards the marina. So we were standing on a spit of land, wide enough for large homes with water views front and back!

Deep Bay marina.... totally protected, deep anchorage. It seems an earthquake in 1946 caused the bottom of the bay to drop 84 feet!

The head of the bay with access road on the spit.