Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Little Big Girl

Now, isn't that a classic terrier pose? Some kids were approaching us on the sea walk and she was very keenly watching them come closer.  She never barked but took it all in.    She also never barked at the other dogs that walked by on leashes either, which I was very happy about.  

She also has no leash manners but we hope in time to fix that. She starts puppy classes this coming Monday evening.  Not a moment too soon.  Rhaea is 13 weeks today and changing so fast.  We've gone from cuddly, soft and fluffy to a new wire hair coat coming in. There's only fluffy hairs  left  on her ears.   She's like an early prepubescent teenager now.... all legs but with fangs.    And a bigger bark. 

Here she is in her playpen , where we used to have a dinette table and chairs. Its so reminiscent of a small human baby with scads of diapers, clothing changes, food, bottles and a ton of other 'stuff'.    Plus loads of her  toys which are only attractive if you shake or make them fun.  Chewies of all sizes and shapes for the discerning gnawer.

You can't hear her voce but trust me, she packs a punch with it.  We have high vaulted ceilings and it echoes nicely. She knows it too. 

 So, I'd love to show you my latest weaving but  I can't do that just yet.  I did actually dust the looms this past weekend.   

I'm not by nature an early riser but having a puppy means I (we) are up somedays as early as 4:30 am.   A sleep in is 6:30 am!    So there comes a time period in the day after 'baby duty' and house chores when I could go and weave, but I don't feel alert and on my game. So I have been napping and occasionally spinning to unwind.  

A time off from the loom for now.  Sorry if that's what you come here for.    There will be more weaving related posts in time, I promise. 

Nobody will be happier than me once I can get back to throwing a shuttle again.    In the mean time, it seems 9:30 pm is the new midnight.    😴💤

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Zoomie Monster


Rhaea is 12 weeks old now and a real going concern. We have our moments of insanity and then there's the good times and snuggles. She has a real personality and not shy about what she wants .... but what she gets is another matter. She was 4.05 kg (nearly 9 pounds) last week so she's doubled her weight and doubled her leg length!  

Basic commands like sit are very well done, but 'down' has to be coaxed with a treat and what the heck is 'come'? Housetraining is coming along and accidents are fewer, with the understanding that she really wants to go outside which is encouraging when we are too slow or her bladder too small.  

We are discovering "zoomie time": that time of day usually around supper time or just after when they whip around the house or yard and turn into demons with teeth. Literally there's no reaching them mentally and she goes into the time out crate.  

I had to laugh when I heard this is the 'puppy good times' as when they reach the teething and teenage months, it gets 'interesting! 😳 Puppy classes start Oct 19th.... and we'll find out all our mistakes then.

No.... there's no weaving going on. Sorry.

I think you can see why now.....