Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Rhaea at 10 Weeks Old


I guess it goes without saying that there is no weaving going on here at all...... and I'm okay with that........for now ... but hopefully I can start again soon??

Rhaea is 10 weeks old today and we can see how she is changing and quickly too.   If you scroll through these pictures and the previous ones taken at 8 weeks, you will see it too.

There is a dog trainer coming today to give us a one hour lesson  to tide us over until puppy classes start on October 19th and run for 6 weeks.   Its been a long time since we last had a small puppy and we were also younger then too. So we need to brush up on our techniques and get this done right.  😊

We are working on "sit" and "come" and naturally "no bite" and "leave it". We keep small bits of freeze dried liver treats in our pockets as inducements.  I have to check all pockets now before doing laundry as they look kinda creepy all soggy in the bottom of the washing machine! 

House training is coming right along and its mostly successes. That's due in part to being able to read the messages and being prompt with answering the call!    Our day starts at +/- 6 am now and there is nothing happier than a dry and warm dog bed with a sleepy puppy in it.

So do you think she has 'daddy' all wrapped around her paws?    Yea, I think so too.   😁

Saturday, September 12, 2020

The Quiet One.... They Said

 We have set up a play area playpen for Rhaea and I was cleaning up after .....   Well,  Rhaea had to tell us what she thought of the noisy, scary vacuum !

As you have probably gathered, there's no weaving happening right now.....  but soon I hope!   🤞  

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

8 Weeks = 42 Days

 An afternoon in the sun, napping on Dad's lap......    Rhaea's 8 weeks old today. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

And so it starts..... 😇

 Rhaea is so darn cute...... when she's asleep!   In between, she's a pint sized ankle shark!  

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Meet Rhaea

 Our big started early yesterday and we had a long drive down island to pick up our new Irish terrier puppy Rhaea ( pronounced ray-uh) Its Welsh Gaelic. All the usual Irish names are very commonly used and we wanted something unique.

She’s the quiet shy one from the litter, but she has a fiery spirit when she wants something or not! She finally fell asleep about 10 pm last night and we went off to bed. Not one peep last night! Not one…. I took her out at 6:30 am and had great success! Followed by lots of praise. Now she’s on a blankie next to ‘Dad’ and sound asleep while we have our morning coffee.

So here’s me (with my hair all wind-blown, too long and suffering from high humidity) holding Rhaea as we picked her up from the gang of siblings…. who were all chewing on my sandals and toes. Sharp little teeth!

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

🍼 Its Official.....

See that sweet face looking up at you?  Well, she's our little girl now.   We pick her up on September 5th.  Click on the picture to enlarge....

Lots to do to get ready.... but we're excited.  😁