Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Laying Down a Heavy Load

 This is Bruce, my husband and the love of my life..... and as of last week, now cancer free!   Well, they removed the tumour and had it tested. It was cancer but very early stages and they feel they got it all.  The cells were 'native' to where it was found so not a metastasized cancer.    They do want to take a CT scan to ensure it didn't develop from something higher up, like the kidney.    Since they had blasted kidney stones in one kidney and not seen anything there,  its just to be safe.   They will also do a recheck every 3, 6 and 12 months to ensure the tumour doesn't regrow back.

It was supposed to have been  a day surgery but he end up staying three days, two nights due to developing an infection and high fever.  Seems there are bacteria released when they laser the stones.  I was happy to leave him there as they had all measures to hand to take good care of him.  I drove to and fro between Campbell River and Courtenay, and managed our home, dog and all the emails and texts to friends and family.   I was rather tired as you can imagine..... and NO weaving (again)

He responded well to the IV antibiotics and soon was on his way home to relax in his jammies.... but still passing kidney stones.    That will continue for a time until they clear away the loose stuff.   There are still more they couldn't reach, plus, a whole 'nuther kidney to do!   This is an ongoing process and he says (direct quote and please add sarcastic tone) "I'm so excited"  😳

So once he has his energy levels back up, he's free to be his usual self again.....

"helping" at a spinning  day 2000

Making bread with no recipe.

'washing' the laundry room floor

Being a real Dapper Dan  (see movie " O' Brother where art Thou?")