Monday, April 14, 2008

Great Inspiration!

As promised, here are the samples from the Jane Stafford "Twill Explosion" workshop. Twill is one of my favourite weaves as there is so much potential for incredible patterning! Missing this workshop was quite depressing, but the ladies of the guild have worked hard to make sure that I got 7 of the 8 samples very quickly. (Thanks so much) I washed and pressed them up and have them all in plastic sleeves. Just need to get a new binder to hold the course material. They plan to hold a session soon where we'll review what they did and learned during the course and share it all with me. Neat huh? Will almost seem like I was there....
So here's the first: Twill gamp for 8 shafts, using simple threadings.
There is a second 8 shaft twill gamp, with more complex threadings:
Then there was a sample with two threadings (straight twill and point twill) and treadled seven different ways. It's amazing how these two simple threadings change so much!
( I have NO idea of how these pictures managed to group themselves considering I asked for 'centre' positioning. Blogger has been quite difficult to deal with lately!)
There is a shadow weave, which I love! This one is woven using wool.
Next there are a couple of samples using bamboo. Here's the fine version as a turned two block twill:
Now using the heavier grist, and in plaited twill:
The drape and sheen of the bamboo is wonderful. I will add more of this to my stash in time!
Then, the (last) sample is a double weave twill:
It's neat how there is not a trace of one coloured side showing on the other except for the row near the hemstitching. Would make a great reversible rug or lap throw.
So there is one more sample to come and that's a 4 shaft twill gamp that's all set on my loom. I'm short the 8 dent reed right now (2 ends per dent for 16 epi) I do have a 15 dent reed and I'm thinking " close enough' for me! I started to sley this reed today until my back told me no more!

This was my table loom all set to go to the workshop. I'll record how this twill gamp goes as I weave it off and wet finish it. It's 4/8 cotton which is nice and soft, although a bit large for my tastes. But double weave using 4/8 would great placemats. I have a small stash of 4/8 and now I know how to use this up.

Back report: I seem to be stuck. I'm not any worse, but I don't seem to be improving either! I think physiotherapy is the key but there's no getting in any sooner than the 23rd. It started to rain this afternoon, so at least I have a reason for staying inside now.

I did get around the flower beds yesterday and got some nice shots of flowers opening. Will share some next post.

Finally: sorry about the weird grouping of pictures and text. I have no idea why it went this way as its not what I asked Blogger to do! Perhaps I can re-edit it to to a better layout next time.


Lynnette said...

Great photo's Susan. I was so pleased to see your workshop photos before I get there in June.

Susan said...

Hi !!
Sorry I missed your message.. I normally check (often) to see if anyone has left one for me too...
The samples are really nice and quite generous in size too! Some have to be folded into half and half again to go into sleeves.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you in June!


Dorothy said...

Hi, I just found your blog on the Weavering list and have enjoyed reading it. I've got you bookmarked now!

I had the same problem with blogger and photos / text until I started positioning all my photos to centre - looks like you have done the same with later posts?