Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sitting Pretty

Its time for the local guild's annual sale and it runs a full month. From October 29th to December 1st actually.
 It seems that this year people are being more careful with their spending as all my smaller stuff such as guest towels, bookmarks and tea towels have all sold, while my scarves are still waiting for their new owners! Personally, I wonder if the very length of time of the sale gives some customers 'pause' and they decide to 'think about it' and come back later? You can never fully predict what your best sellers will be!

The sale is attended by two volunteers a day from the guild during opening hours of the shop so there is a morning  and an afternoon shift. It is surprising how many questions we field, including the ubiquitous "how long did it take you to make this?"  :) There are advertised scheduled demonstrations every Saturday. I sat an afternoon shift this past Thursday:

Here's a general overview of pictures from the day... and be sure to click to make any of them larger! By the time I got here the sale had been on for two weeks and I'm sure that I missed quite a lot of nice things. I just couldn't get there any sooner! So let's see what's left....

Two of these scarves should look familiar!

Scarves!! quite a few in fact and all unique: silks with braided fringe, self pleating scarves, felted double weave, hand knit laces, tencel and silks (mine :) and brushed mohair.  It seems that our customers don't need new scarves just yet so Mother Nature has given us a cold snap in the past few days to help change their minds!

Then we have shawls and wraps:

Luscious wraps in warm wools in canvas weave... along with fantail lace shawls from hand spun lace weight yarns.

Bright wool blankets and mohair throws! Wouldn't that throw look wonderful over the sofa at Christmas?
Then we have tea towels... (what's left of them!) The one on the very far right is the last of mine. I had nearly a dozen and they are all gone....

There is a good selection of hand knits and I sold a lovely peach cable knit sweater that looked like it was made just for the customer! She was thrilled..

  Next up is smaller items such as pin cushions, book marks, purses and bobbin lace jewelry! Even yarns to entice knitters out there...

Beaded cuffs

These are woven leather bracelets with carved antler closures!

And finally, this beauty that came home with me...

and a close up...

It's official.... the run up to Christmas has begun!


dorothylochmaben said...

My you've been busy yesterday afternoon ! The pictures of the sale are great, some very nice things there.
What a lovely Christmas decoration you brought home.
Interesting it is the smaller items which are selling and not scarves. Think it might be the same here, a sign of the times I guess.

Linda said...

What a wonderful display of handwork! How fabulous that all of your local weavers (and crafts people) have this to look forward to each year! ..and to have a full month available at this facility is something else! I thoroughly enjoyed browsing all of these photos. Thank you for sharing! I'm sure your gorgeous work will be gone by the end of the sale.

Anonymous said...

Lovely items, each and every one. Looks like all of you had a great sale and a fun time.

See that your good friend Lynette is moving closer to you, that is indeed good news for you both.

Happy Thanksgiving, give Miss Callie a hug for me.

Sandra Rude said...

Gorgeous ornament! No wonder it went home with you. I'd have adopted it, too. The booth looks great - lots of treasures for every shopper.

Clare said...

What a lot of gorgeous stuff! Some really interesting and different ideas. Interesting about the tea towels, too. Hope you got some good sales to fund more yarn!

Annie MacHale said...

Thanks for all of the photos. Within this theme of fiber arts, there are so many different ways to express oneself and this group includes some nice diversity. I confess that I would have been tempted by the towels also. I've learned in the world of retail that in tight times, people go for the practical items, for themselves and for gifts. Best of luck to you all in this lovely show.