Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Review: Warping Your Loom

Some posts ago, I showed you some DVD's I received just after Christmas and promised to review them for you.  I will do all three sets in time but I'm just doing one today:

Beautifully presented by weaving  instructor Madelyn van der Hoogt

It is  a two disc set produced By Interweave Press has a total running time of 148 minutes.  I would say that this DVD is aimed at new to intermediate weavers, or those who need to brush up in their techniques. There are some great tips as well for anyone at any level!

 Filmed in a nice location, bright and cheery. Sound and picture quality is good.   In the first disc, Madelyn takes you through winding a warp and then warping  from front to back. I used to do this method back in my newbie days  but not as efficiently as Madelyn shows it!  I like the way you can stop the disc, go back and watch it again (and again!)

On the second disc Madelyn shows how to wind multiple threads on the warping board. How to maintain the thread by thread order whether its two threads or multiples with a warping paddle. How to wind colours without constant cutting and knotting ends.  There are demonstrations of vertical warping mill and also a horizontal warping mill. (Like Madelyn I prefer the warping board.) How to transfer the cross from one side of the reed to the other is very helpful as well as winding striped colours individually and combining them at the reed if all that colour switching at the warping board is not for you. I found how to wind a even and tight bobbin a nice bonus as this is often overlooked.  Learn the various techniques and then make choices which is best for you!

There is a full demo of winding a warp with a thread by thread cross at one end, and a raddle cross at the other and then beaming the warp from back to front  for finer or fragile threads such as silks or linens.

I have no negatives to say about this DVD and found it to be like having Madelyn van der Hoogt right there in your home. She will go over and over a point as many times as you need and never get tired or want a lunch break!  :)
At first I thought it a bit simplistic but after viewing it a second time I have to come to realize that this is  its point. Keep it simple and stress free. Show proper techniques in small simple steps and the weaver will have success on their looms at home.  The better a warp is wound and beamed onto a loom, the better the weaving can be!

This is a nice 'private' lesson in your own home and can also be a good visual aid for a beginners class.

To follow up on this DVD, a new weaver can refer to Handwoven magazines for inspiration. I would also recommend heartily Weavers Craft  by Jean Scorgie  which are specifically written for the student weaver ( and bonus:  no ads!) For bright colourful  four shaft pattern, with explanations on the weave structures: Anne Dixon's  The Handweaver's Pattern Directory.  There is also the classic (which I learned from) Learning to Weave by Deborah Chandler

The next review will be of Madelyn van der Hoogt's companion disc: Weaving Well. From Yarn to Cloth.

Unfortunately I seem to be dealing with cranky lower back issues right now so I'm not sure how much weaving will be happening around here. I went out for a short time period to tidy spent spring bulbs in the flower beds around the house and now paying the price.  Another true confession is that I was recently diagnosed with Lupus and will actually be seeing a specialist today. [ edit: I have Arthritis Lupus]
 I'm still learning what all this entails, but I'm resolved to keep on weaving!


Anonymous said...

Susan, Oh Dear! How distressing to hear you back is bothering you again! Lupus is not something to toy with, but I am very certain you will take care of yourself. Thank you for the in depth review of the DVD about warping your loom. Wonder if Madelyn discussed the warping trapeze/valet? I too taught myself to weave using Chandler's book and have since "graduated" to a modified Laura Fry/Katie Meek/my sister Sarah's method of warping with a trapeze - which I must admit is the perfect way for me to warp. Each and every warp goes on the looms with no problems or tangles. Hope your back is on the mend and you are once again at the loom inspiring me to use finer threads. Pet Miss Callie for me.

Delighted Hands said...

Thank you for this review; I love to weave, hate to warp but it is probably since I do it all wrong since I taught myself. I could use a private lesson in my home! I will order this-thanks!

dorothylochmaben said...

Hi there - I agree with all you have said about the DVD, I just downloaded the videos. Have gone over them several times. Not sure I grasped keeping the cross with multiple threads ! She made it look so easy.
Well worth buying.
Hope today went OK.

Louisa said...

Sorry to hear about your health issues, Susan. Take good care of yourself! I'm sure you'll find a way to keep on weaving, even if it's in small increments.

Dawn said...

Susan, so sorry to hear about your physical problems. You deserve to be unlimited and able to do just what you want. With a diagnosis, there may be some good options for treatment (my hope for you).

I really appreciated your review of Madelyn's instruction. I have resisted getting this because I somehow got the idea that she would only show front-to-back warping. Sounds like there is much more there for any weaver.
Best wishes, and a hug for hubby and a pet for Callie.

DebbieB said...

I heartily agree with your review of Madelyn's video, Susan.

Wishing you all the best with your health issues, dear.

Linda said...

Thanks for the review of the discs, Susan! I'm not sure I would have considered investing prior to reading this. I look forward to reading your thoughts on Tom's as well. What a perfect solution to having a sensitive back. All my best for a speedy recovery!