Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lots of Miles In...

Since I last posted on November 2nd, or two weeks ago, I have put on many miles on but few of them on my loom unfortunately.    This getting ready for an operation is crazy busy!  Since I last wrote I have seen:

  • my surgeon (who gave me x-rays to do.)
  • an internist (who gave me blood tests to do.)
  • had a four hour education class on joint replacements (who gave me more blood tests to do...)
  • had special 'templating' x-ray and (surprise!)  various blood tests.
  • visited the Red Cross loans to work out what I will need at home post surgery.
  • and had a consult with an Anaesthetist, (who scared the crap out of me.)

I also fit into the schedule:
  • a movie with a friend and hubby ("Fury" with Brad Pitt.... which made "Saving Private Ryan" look like a pleasant walk in the countryside. )
  • a pedicure (no nasty feet!)
  • had a dinner out with friends for their anniversary early.
  • got all my Christmas cards done, several letters and all the Christmas shopping done, which was simplified this year by using gift cards.

I found out that I will have yet more tests to do later this week and I also have a date with the hairdresser (got to look good... and who knows when I can go again!)

So weaving seems to have take a back seat lately. Its unlikely that the new scarves I put on will get done as its rather fine weaving and it takes a lot to make an inch.   I have started making a list of things to do post recovery:
  • read all the Handwoven's from the last six months
  • read all the Complex Weavers Journals
  • read my Vav magazines
  •  arranged for some easy knitting to do for winter lace scarves and also miniature beaded bags.
  • have my inkle looms loaded and ready to weave
  • Fiberworks is warming up on the laptop for some design work
  • and I have Netflix  on stand by and two full seasons of HBO's Rome to watch again. 

But the reality will be:
  • many physio appointments and exercising.
  • more Doctor visits.
  • another x-ray or three (blood samples too I suspect.)
  • waiting for the staples to come out for a nice full shower!
  • some reading, a movie or three .....and some napping.

I did weave a bit (sleep is overrated by the way...)  and I changed the weft yarn to a black fine 30/2 silk and I like it better. There is more pattern definition.  So now its just a matter of sitting down for short periods and getting some inches done and chip away at it.   Meanwhile I'm trying to think of what weft and colour to use on the second scarf. I think I will dig deep into the stash and see what I can find.   When I have some free time!

As you can see there is better definition of the 'boxes'  and I think the subtle colour changes in the warp help. Its not a difficult twill run but it does challenge my cranky hip on one side and a bum knee on the other, so I take it slow.   But I'm weaving!

The coming week has:  an eye specialist visit, a visit to the family doctor to discuss anaesthesia , a hair appointment,  some shopping for more comfy clothes, and a visit to the Red Cross loans. Oh, yeah... more blood tests and another x-ray.   After that, time will be running short!


Dianne said...

But it (hip replacement) does coordinate with the silk scarves!
As you say "Carry on" through it all, life will be so much better when its all fixed.

barbara said...

Hi Susan - wow, what a schedule you have been keeping - who knew there was so much to do prior to surgery. You seem to be well ahead of the game, and being this well organized will make your recovery so much easier. I hope there is no colored nail polish on those toes ..... I know one operation I had on my knee, I thought I would be smart and go with well polished toe nails .... the polish had to come off before surgery. Take care and "carry on", you are doing great. It will all work out for the best. Weaverly yours .......

Susan said...

No polish on toes! Just buffed and shortened....

Keeping a busy schedule also helps to keep my mind of things if you know what I mean!. Must be running out of things to do as I'm getting nervous!

:) Susan

bspinner said...

You sure do have your ducks in a row. Good luck! Keep your lap top close by and post often.

Linda said...

You are the queen of organization, Susan. It's likely the same gene that has you weaving such meticulous perfection. Just put that gene to work on recovering and you'll be back at the looms in no time! I'll be thinking of you every day…sending healing thoughts your way. The scarf run is gorgeous.

Susan said...

Thanks for the nice compliments on my organizational skills! The truth is, I keep my iPad handy at all times and keep the calendar open to structure my time. There have been so many appointments to squeeze in!

Bruce is doing all the driving now and so with his iPad linked to mine, he gets updates and alerts as to what his day and week is all about. You just have to love the benefits of technology!

There is no way I could have kept all this straight with my mind alone! :)

Lynnette said...

What an entertaining post to read...even if the content isn't the happiest, you've made it a fun read. You know I'm only a phone call away if you start worrying too much, and I love our phone dates!

Threadbare Designs said...

Wishing you an uneventful surgery and a rapid recovery!! Sounds like you're the kind of person who might push yourself just a wee bit harder than you should, so take it easy, do what all the docs say, and we'll all be waiting to hear from you when you can!!

Rachel Biel said...

Oh, my.... Susan, sorry to read all this! I hope your surgery goes well and that you will be up and dancing in no time. I've had many friends who have had this procedure and they got their lives back. It's hard to go through it, but I hope it will be as painless as possible for you!

Sharon said...

As for Netflix, thought I'd toss out some of the BBC series we have enjoyed - in case you haven't seen them: Foyles War, Doc Martin, Blechley Place, Midsomer Murders (a zillion seasons) and the IT Crowd. The Proverb says "a merry heart doeth good like a medicine" and some of those BBC programs will make you laugh and hopefully facilitate your healing :) Oh and we just discovered a new one - Last Tango in Halifax with Derek Jacobi - went through two seasons in five nights :)