Friday, October 16, 2015

Time Challenges

Time is doing a funny thing in my house.  Its been two weeks since my surgery which feels like it just whipped by. I can see and feel positive changes in that short time, especially considering how awful I felt in the hospital at the time.  

Its also slowed to a crawl as well.  There is no hurrying the healing process and it takes as long as it takes. This means taking things easy, resting, using ice, eating well and the daily exercises.   The days tend to run into one another and all feel the same.

I'm guilty of watching too much TV, napping when I feel like it ( and sometimes even when I don't).  I'm reading lots and doing a bunch of hand work as well when light conditions allow.

I'm getting bored and in a hurry to get this done and over with.

Then we go out to either physiotherapy or to the doctors office and I come home as weak as a kitten and head back to my couch and elevate my swollen knee.

That's when the time thing hits me again. It will take as much as it needs..... no matter what I think or want !  Its the Boss of me.

So here's my new upgrade:

31 staples! My eye can see where they could have placed one more and made it even. 

The top row of images is my old knee before the operation.  These were taken two days post op. 

All staples are out and now its just steri-strips.  They will just fall off when ready (or with a little help :)   Now I must keep working on the exercises and keep bending the knee!   I had an 87 degree bend this past Tuesday at therapy. Yesterday I got a true 90 degree bend at the surgeon's office which made him happy.    They credit my strong quad muscles to all the treadling I did before surgery!   So weaving really does count as exercise....

So that's all for here..... back to my couch. I have a new Handwoven to read.


Threadbare Designs said...

I'm so glad to see you are on the mend! Yes, it will take time, but it looks like you are improving all the time.

Cindie said...

So glad you're doing so well in your recovery. Yes, will take time and I'm sure the better you start feeling the more bored you'll become. Thank goodness for handwork. Fascinating to see your xrays - I've seen what a hip replacement looks like on an xray but never a knee.

Bruce said...

You're the poster girl for knee replacement recovery. Well done!

barbara said...

Hi Susan - Wow, a 90 degree bend this early in the recovery; I am impressed. Just keep working at "recovery" full-time. Keep eating well, and resting when you and/or your body wants to rest ....... It's a full time job, doing the exercises, getting cleaned up for the day, eating your meals and resting. Enjoy this time that has been given to you, read when you want to and do some finishing! You are doing great. Very interesting to see the x-rays - it is amazing how well the scar will heal. How is Bruce coping? I bet he is worth his weight in gold these days; I had no family to help we recuperate - I had a "bucket full" of friends and they did not let me down, I still feel the tears come when I think of all they did for me.
Weaverly yours ................. Barbara

Suzanna said...

Glad to hear the recovery is coming along well!

mageez said...

Thank you for this post. i'm scheduled for complete shoulder replacement next week and then in february the other shoulder. seems old weavers wear out their shoulders. too many years at the draw loom. i have so much frustration that i can't weave, can't drive, can't do any of my normal activities. i know i should just mellow out and roll with it but. . .. . . anyway thinks for your post. it helps.

Susan Harvey said...

Hi Mageez,

I saw my first picture of a shoulder implant the other day and the patient seemed to be doing very well I hope your coming surgeries go as well and you are back weaving once again by Spring. I'll be thinking of you....

I have two hips (2001 and 2014) and a knee now and who knows what else is down the road....... but I will get back to weaving every time!

All the best, Susan

Elizabeth said...

I'm happy to hear that you're healing, and working hard toward your full recovery. You have such a wonderful positive attitude, and I'm sure that helps. Nothing seems to get you down for long!