Tuesday, July 6, 2021

🏡 A Lick of Paint

 We started to explore painting the house last summer and had three quotes from various businesses.  There was quite a wide range of services and pricing and not everyone was willing to do extra if required.

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Last October we met up with Glen and he was willing and able to do just about anything required. From minor repairs, to de-mossing the roof and of course painting.  We felt quite happy with his pricing too, as we had really researched various costs for the various jobs to be done.   Its taken some time for our place to come up in his roster for this year but he did manage to get all the concrete and house power washed just before the 'heat dome' hit us.  So after that heat wave hit, we knew that everything would be bone dry and ready for the rollers and spraying.

Glen started yesterday and is a going concern from 7:30 am to when he feels he's done for the day.  Our house and two garden sheds is a three day project (maybe four?). Not bad for a guy working on his own right now.

So he's busy on the south end of the house right now until it gets too warm there and he will shift back to finish the front entry way.   Bruce went and took some pictures to show areas of the house with before and after colour changes. We'll do more pictures tomorrow and again when its all done.

Glen taking a moment in the shade. Behind him the new colour and he's resting his hand on the old paint.

Left is the new colour and the front entry shows the old scheme. More West Coast, less Palm Springs.

Again... showing the transition. Bear in mind this is currently in the shade. It gets full morning sun. 

Patio furniture and shrubs are all covered against any overspray. Windows are covered with brown paper. 

🚧  🚧  🚧

More to come.....

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