Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Garden Path Shawls 🌹🌼

 Its a glorious day spring day here and I have the French doors in the studio open and a light warm breeze is coming in. You can smell the garden and we have some traditional spring blooms.

Some weeks ago, while it was still cold and dreary out,  I had spring in mind when I started my shawl project.  Sadly my back spasmed and so things sort of sat and waited.    The only tool that saw any action was my e-spinner and while it was fun, it wasn't weaving. 

So the goal for this shawl project was a delicate pink rose fiber yarn, paired with soft taupe or even a white or cream. Lovely for a spring day or summer gathering.   Where the pattern would be revealed by a play of light or in soft tones so it wouldn't be overpowering to the wearer.

So here's the first shawl underway on the Spring loom.  The draft is below and is from #74555   8 shaft advancing twill.   Looks complicated but the treadling was conveniently in 3 easy blocks.
In the picture above you can see my very high tech method of keeping track of where I am in the treadling.   I write out  logical  treadling runs, using my own shorthand, and the little alligator clip 'borrowed' from my hubby is slipped down line by line.     Oh, I've looked at Treadle Tempo but this system works, and costs me next to nothing, and I save those notes in my records to use again on another project.

The rose fiber came in large 2 pound cones, already dyed the pink. Other rose fiber I have seen is the usual white or off white.  Unfortunately the company that sold this yarn has sold off all their stock and I can't get any more, which is a great shame. Its lovely to work with and not a minutes problem and no fraying. Its a nice even 2 ply and I even love the tender pink shade. All that is missing is the rose scent!  πŸŒΉ

Here's the shawl all set outside.  It was difficult to photograph either in the sunshine or over in the shade so I hope you can see the lovely drape and depth of the shawl, while replying 'on the loom pictures' above for the actual colours and pattern.

and in the shade...

The second shawl has an unusual weft yarn. Its an off white dandelion yarn.  Yes, you read that right.  I found it on Etsy at a shop called YarnItaly and bought a small cone of it to try.  Its very soft and very neutral in colour.   I just love all the new and interesting fiber yarns they are creating out of what is pretty much waste such as rose prunings and dandelions.  Things like pineapple, guava, nettles, milk, milk thistle and so many more.   I have some peppermint, green tea and modal.... even hemp.

This shawl is lovely and has the pattern revealed by a play of light, but it would have been even better if the weft yarn was a tad bit whiter, or have a bit more shine. Next time I guess!  

I like to record what I liked, what went wrong and what to try next time in my project notes.   I return to some of the drafts again after a few years and I certainly can't trust my memory!

These pictures really don't do it much justice.... its so much nicer in person. Soft and drapey.

I found that a friend of mine on line had recently purchased 500 pounds of yarn from the same company I bought the rose yarn from. Sadly, there's no pink rose yarn to be had but I have some interesting skeins of rose fiber and yak coming.   The skeins looked just like regular silk and I already have some ideas starting to bloom for a project with that!

🐝   🌷🌷🌷   🐝


Hilary said...

I actually track my treadling with iweaveit.
It's an app on my iPad, and it is super easy to use...........

Susan said...

Thanks! I'll have to check that out Hilary..... there is an issue with my iPad being dropped on one corner and not quite right ever since. They don't bounce very well and rather unforgiving! 😳

Lynnette said...

Both of these lovely shawls are winners. I'm amazed at all the interesting fibres to be had now. I will have a look at YarnItaly and see what they are offering. I'm always game to try something new.