Thursday, November 20, 2008

Half Time Show

I have been spending time for the past few days weaving most afternoons and realized that I'm half way through the first scarf and half way through the towel warp. The scarf is slow going and I must be *very* alert to the treadling plan! I weave at that loom first while the light is better and I'm fresher :) Remember this draft ? Look at the star burst in the centre...

Blogger turned the picture, but here it is on the loom:

The star burst is the only part that is still giving me trouble treadling and I must be extra careful with the centre. But it sure is worth it! I'm looking forward to trying another colour or a silk weft.
On the towel warp, I have four towels done and now starting a new colour. It's a soft creamy beige with a hint of yellow undertone. I wanted to have some more neutral colours and I'm quite amazed at the effect. Rather than the hearts being the focus, they have receded and the emphasis is on the total look. It has the look of a tapestry or upholstery. I hope this pictures captures some of this 'look'.

I also have two new additions to my library! A weaver and friend is downsizing her weaving inventory and I bought two of her books and I'm looking forward to reading them over the coming winter. I have a love of ancient textiles and so eager to review this one:

And with the recent passing of Peter Collingwood, I'm looking forward to reading this:

I'll do a review of these sometime next year....or 41days. Which ever comes first! Yes, 41 days till 2009....


Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

That starburst is really beautiful!!! I can't wait to see what color you do next;)

Lynnette said...

The scarf is going to be wonderful, the effect is truly lovely and woven to your extremely high standard as usual. You're right the new colour on the tea towel really does make it look totally different. I love keeping so up to date with what you are producing at the loom, it's like living next door!

Susan said...

Thank you both for the nice comments. I'm off to play 'looms' today.

As for being next door: I sure wish it was true but this is the next best thing.