Saturday, October 15, 2011

Arrived by Snail Mail

Do you recall this picture?

 I wove up these bookmarks as part of the annual weaving exchange with the Guild of Canadian Weavers, with Lynnette as the hostess. This is her last one as she gracefully 'retires' from organizing them. She has done an amazing job! I have been participating in them since they were resumed by Carolyn H. back in 2006 (I'm guessing at the date right now!)  They are so much fun to do. You have oodles of time, very clear parameters, minimal costs and it's like Christmas in October when the parcel arrives in your mail box!
For details on my book marks, draft and information,  please read here

I mailed four bookmarks away, complete with the draft  and project information and yesterday I received my package in the mail! It felt a bit bulky for book marks but I was eager to get home and open it up.

The first I saw was a very pretty pink lace. Click to enlarge any of the pictures. This weaver had just come from a lace workshop with Jane Stafford and so was clearly inspired! The weaver used 16/2 orlec, which is an acrylic, sett 30 epi, and wove it on four shafts.

Then there was this elegant silver and black one! Its a point twill that is 'tromp as writ'. The warp was a cotton/ acrylic blend from Italy and the weft 16/2 cotton.  Here's a close up:

Next up was this bright and cheery book mark! It's an eight shaft summer and winter. No information was provided about yarns used or setts. Very pretty though....

The last one was by Lynnette herself and its my favourite (even before I knew it was hers! True Story!  :) She chose a 12 shaft rosepath treadled as threaded. A fine 20/2 cotton warp, sett 36 epi and 8/2 tencel as weft

Click to see the close up!

Then I discovered why the package was a bit bulky! Inside was a lovely gift - a 'souvenir' from their travels in France.  Lynnette and her hubby, Michael had almost a month long stay in the country.  I do hope she writes a few tales of their time there and share some pictures!

It's a 100% cotton jacquard woven kitchen towel and is *very* generous in size. Larger than my big towels actually!  I find myself thinking " but it's too nice to use as a kitchen towel" (sound familiar?)

Lynnette said that it was the only textile she found in her time there that was actually made in France and she bought it in Pontivy , which is in Brittany. When I look at the jar of strawberry jam, or "confiture de fraise des bois", I can't but help think of Michael! (private joke... sorry!)


dorothylochmaben said...

What a lovely parcel to receive ! Very nice bookmarks and so different. The tea towel from France might hang on the wall nicely !! It looks very interesting.

LA said...

Such a delightful package to open! I'm sure there were 4 people who got a nice surprise with your lovely bookmarks, too!

barbara said...

Hi Susan,
Thank you for sharing the bookmarks you received in the exchange - they are all beautiful. Also the tea towel from France is very nice! Amazing when travelling how difficult it is to find "gifts" to take home that are actually made in the particular country.
Your blog is always so interesting to read, and one learns so much.
Weaverly yours ......

Birgitta said...

Very nice bookmarks.
Kram Birgitta

Linda said...

Wow! Who ever would have thought that bookmarks could be so much fun! These are all fabulous; I don't know if I would be able to pick a favorite! I'm sure the recipients of yours were equally pleased!!

Evelyn said...

Love all the bookmarks - what a treat to have a different one in all the books one is reading. ;) my favourite is the summer and winter - would be nice to know what they used.