Friday, June 16, 2017

A Short (Weaving) Public Service Announcement

Just a shortie post today....

Can you see it?   The faded portions on this cone of 8/2 cotton.  This will serve as a horrible warning that no matter how appealing a convenient window ledge is in your busy studio, don't leave your yarn sitting there.  This was just a week sitting there with the sun not shifting to this side of the house until 3 pm or so, plus a generous eave overhang  on the house.

So what does hanging laundry to dry outside do?    Whites only from now on!   I have a clothes drying rack that I can tuck well back under cover.

Still busy around house and studio but I've been a bit distracted in the past few days by a broken molar. That awful feeling in the pit of your stomach when you feel something in your mouth 'let go'. Seems I'm going to get my very first crown next week, and I'm getting to know my new dentist quite well.          😳💉


Cindie said...

Many thanks for the PSA. I try to make sure all my yarns are out of the sun but I would have never guessed that could have happened in a matter of one week. There have been times I've had some cones sitting near a window for a few days - I'll make sure I don't do it any longer - thanks for the warning.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea that yarns could fade in such a short time. Thanks for the heads up!

Hope your crown experience goes smoothly and you are feeling much better soon. Sorry about the pending dental bill - crowns are expensive - my husband just had 4 crowns installed in the last month. Don't ask how much the bill was - let's just say I could have bought a brand new Spring loom and had extra cash for yarn!

charlotte said...

Oh,that looks bad! Perhaps pink fades very fast? Some years ago I had exhibited a pink scarf in a shop window, and when i took it down after some weeks, parts of it had faded to a lighter shade.