Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Snow on the Maple

So basically days after our first frost, we had our first snow fall this past Saturday.  Mother Nature seems impatient this year!   What was left of the chestnut leaves fell in quick order and the Japanese Maple leaves didn't get to finish their last show and have been falling thick and fast before their time. 

Once the sunshine hits it there's daytime melting ... and by this coming Thursday daytime temperatures will be back higher again. This was a wake up call to get ready for the main event(s) to come!

Some artsy shots taken as the sun started the day properly.....

Meanwhile, back inside we just had a glorious two whole days off and the first thing we did was sleep in and take full advantage of the extra hour with standard time being reimplemented.   With help, I  had the looms shifted into new positions and I think this arrangement will work better.

I needed more room down in the alcove but need to use the wall space too. This looks like a good compromise between  the Spring and the roll-abouts.  (The sewing table is gone and may not be back).

I straightened the Megado and now I can see about setting up the fly shuttle as the ends are not pointing directly at windows anymore!

The tapestry loom was shifted to this shorter wall by the window. I do plan to do something with it but other stuff always seems to come up and it gets pushed further and further down the list.  To stop this endless slide I'm not taking commissions for the time being and getting back to more exploratory type weaving, colour play and start using equipment that doesn't see any of my time.    To have more fun again.  I still need to get more handwovens into my shop so there'll be some 'bread and butter' work still to come.

I also need to find a good video of how to beam and set up this Leclerc tapestry loom and if anyone can steer me in the right direction I would be grateful....  my email address is in the profile.   

As you can see, the colour is brighter and fresher. The name is "Rambling Rose" but it feels more raspberry to me. Its an energetic, happy colour!   The opposite walls are done in a light touch of grey called "White Egret".  It could have been a bit more grey but the raspberry wall is a tough opponent.  So its quietly neutral.    It also worked best in the bathroom beyond.  There are white tiles and a row of decorative trim tiles that have light grey, the same malachite green as the floor and a dash of gold. I used the grey to play off from and since it sweeps from one room to the next, it was a leap of faith!

Now, please excuse this crummy picture below.... but its all I have at the moment....
This is the wall where the tapestry loom used to be and in the near future it will have a 'new to me' desk.   It has a larger desk surface and I plan to set the serger or sewing machine up here when needed, or just throw up a small folding table.  This shows the main grey wall.  

The painters are working in the den / office and main bathroom right now and when the time comes to paint our bedroom, this spot is where we'll set up our bed.

I'll be sleeping with  my babies !   

So things are progressing slowly here and fortunately the calendar is more or less empty to accommodate this decorating reality show  😜    There is going to be a ton of house work to do before this is all over and back to normal.  

By the way....  today is the 16th anniversary of me getting my first artificial hip back in 2001 at age 45.  I'm very grateful to surgeon Dr Boyce and Kelowna General  Hospital.    All three of my artificial joints have 'birthdays' as they gave me a new lease on Life!

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Lynnette said...

What a great studio tour Susan. The new colours are wonderful and I know you will love working in such a beautiful space.