Tuesday, November 14, 2017

To Turn the Corner

"To turn the corner" : to begin to find success or improvement after a particularly difficult or troubling period. 

" To see the light at the end of the tunnel": the end of a difficult situation or task, the solution to a difficult problem. 

Definition of an introvert:   see here  ⬅️  =  "me"  😳

Calli isn't missing any car rides lately. She's first up at the front door the instant she hears the coat closet doors open and car keys jingle.  I don't blame her a bit and I'm actually looking forward to my dentist visit Wednesday.    That and some time earlier in the afternoon with the girls from the guild at our "Sybil" day where I'll take along my Victoria wheel and spin.  The dentist appointment is to get my third crown this year installed so not an onerous visit, except for the paying part! 

I wanted to get the painting done. The painting needed to be done. It had to be done sooner or later no matter what. We also knew that we couldn't do it ourselves any longer  so it brings us to our current  home situation.  The studio and ensuite are done, and so is Bruce's den and office. We can only put back the larger items for now.  The main bathroom should be completed today or tomorrow..... and our bedroom is just getting under way with mending and patching done, and as I write this, the ceiling is getting its first coat.   Sounds okay right?   Just let me remind you that all this started on October 24th....

Take a good look around a room, any room in your house. Now imagine having to empty the room but the stuff can't leave the house.... now add a second room and even third room  to this.   The end result is you feel really discombobulated in your own home. Stuff is literally everywhere!   Add an introverted old lady (who is me )  to the mix and you have the ultimate in stress factors. (For extra fun, add a dog who is sick into the mix.)

Last night was our first night sleeping in the studio. Its like camping!  Did you know that looms creak at night? Scared the bejesus out of me!

And here's much of the bedroom dresser drawers on or around the dining room table....

There isn't one room in this house that doesn't look like these pictures either above or below right now. 😥

All the rooms showed various dings and scrapes, picture hanger holes and just plain tired, but the bedroom is the worse of them all.   Every little 'spot' of green tape dabs are holes or something that needs a repair. I think every owner who has lived in this house hung their pictures in a new spot, every time, (and twice on Sundays!)

The armoire is simply too large and heavy to leave the room.... and here the top of the walls are being prepped so they can paint the ceiling. They later added plastic sheeting that hangs down the walls to protect them.

and the opposite side of the room... more holes!

... and more holes... but they will be gone by the end of the week. Painters too.   A two maybe three week job will have taken four.  I must say they have done a beautiful job on all walls and trims, ceilings and doors, but we have a mountain of work and cleaning ahead of us. Then we'll have to catch up with Life and think about Christmas.

Do I need to say that there's been no weaving here?   Just me and my one good nerve left play with spinning and quietly reading when I can.  I don't think I even got this stressed out waiting for joint replacement surgery!


Loom With A View said...

Oh my, I feel for you! Painting seems to take forever! We only do one room at a time though. Can't hire out. My father-in-law is 88, and still does the refurbishments necessary for the rental units they have on the second floor of the in-laws' triplex (yes really, 88. At 83, he was re-shingling the cottage roof). Really puts us on our mettle!

Holes to repair are a pain, but Funtak is worse. Trust me on this

Peg Cherre said...

I had to have my hardwood floors refinished several years ago - throughout most of the house! Moved what I could to the bathroom (tile floor) and bedroom (pine floor), the rest out onto the porch, and headed to a friend's for a vacation for a week. Then home to move it all back. I was younger then and did all the moving myself. Would never do that again!

Martha said...

Have been there too! Could no longer do it, but I can say the end result is worth the sacrifice! Best wishes with your project, and Happy Thanksgiving!