Friday, June 4, 2021

Snip, Snip! ✂️


Do you recall the blue, green and mauve plaid in my last post?  The edge blue tencel threads kept on fraying and breaking every 1 to 3 inches and I finally had enough.  I cut off a 32 inch long woven piece.   I wasn't sure what to do next so I resleyed and tried it again for about 6 inches...... then cut the whole dang thing off the loom!  ✂️  😁     Oh, so liberating! 

It seems the blue tencel along the edges was much more loosely spun and or plied and so it became a problem.  No matter what adjustments I made, it was too soft to pass a reed to and fro.    So in the future, that royal blue will be weft only and I have marked the cone as 'weft only'. I also must check the twist and ply more carefully on any chosen yarn. Isn't it wonderful that after 25 years of weaving I still have new things to learn?   

I have another warp wound and beamed and only just started.... here's a sneak peek at what one repeat looks like....

More on this next time....

I have been playing with my new Hansen mini spinner and I just love it!  With the better weather, its been nice to sit out side and spin and admire the garden.     Now I'm going to shamelessly plug the fact that I have a Louet Victoria S95 fully loaded spinning wheel for sale. Contact me if you are interested.   Email is emmatrude at gmail dot com.   You can see it here

Another announcement. I became the Test Administrator for the Guild of Canadian Weavers.  It will be formally announced in their next issue of their Bulletin newsletter.   I will be assisting weavers who wish to take the tests.    What is it all about?   You can read up on the program, the test booklet (which anyone can download) and the annual submission times and requirements and costs.

That's it for now..... go and get vaccinated and then get outside!   💉    😁  🌞 ⛱..... be sure to keep a mask handy just in case.  


Peg Cherre said...

Congratulations on your position with CGW! At least I hope it’s congratulations and not condolences. :-) Your weaving is always so beautiful, and careful, and inspirational, I’m
sire you’ll be a real asset to the people who want to take the tests.

Lynnette said...

I'm with you on the fact that just cutting it off can be liberating! It's hard to come to that decision, but oh so lovely to have the chance to begin again.