Saturday, October 9, 2021

Oops, We Did It Again.... 😁 🦜

 A big cage.... and only two little budgies?    So we brought home two more..... ( and that's it..... for now). Blue and Jay were squabbling. Well, Blue was being a persistent 'romeo' and Jay was not having any of it. We decided that there needed to be more to balance things out.  It was a gamble that so far has paid off. They are not fighting and Blue seems to be basically ignored by his harem.  In the wilds of Australia they fly in flocks of thousands! (Their natural wild colouring is green.)

So Blue and Jay now have roomies:  Kiwi and Teal.  So far, so good!  See if you can spot who is who.

The ride home with them was fabulous. Warm Fall day,  that gold sunshine of this time of year and we took the oceanside route.   Then we spotted a rainbow and pulled over to take this short video.  Excuse the road noise.... maybe watch with sound muted.   There's even some driftwood art. 

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!    🍁 🍂 🎃 🍗 🍽

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