Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Feeling Blue ? ~ Meet Blue & Jay

 Yes, I'm still here.....   Its been a while hasn't it?

I don't have any weaving to show you.  πŸ˜³  Oops, I just heard half of you leave..... 

Dahlias from a friend, photographed by Bruce.

Its a few things really....   

I seem to have lost my weaving mojo.  A friend said after  me weaving non stop for 25 years it was bound to happen and not to beat myself  up over it.  Our doctor said everyone ( and she means everyone) is dealing with low grade depression thanks to the never ending pandemic and the Fourth Wave.   

I also pulled a muscle in my right shoulder blade area and its not settling down.  Its past the worse phase now but as the day progresses, it aches something fierce. I'm on familiar terms with icepacks and Tylenol. It also keeps me up at night.    This makes throwing a shuttle difficult. I want it to heal properly  and I also want to weave again soon.   I can't wind warps  due to the up and down motions to the warping mill either.  So I have been using my Hansen e-spinner and enjoying that for short periods.

Then there is also the mystery of the reoccurring toe infection that prevents me from treadling.    Gee, aren't you glad you stopped by for all this whine  πŸ· to go with the cheese πŸ§€ ? 

We have two new members of our family!  Meet Blue and Jay.   Yes, after the baseball team (Hub is a huge fan)

Blue, who loves the mirror and has a favourite spot to perch that he defends.

Jay, who likes to do loop-de-loops around the perches.

The cage is quite large so we are considering getting a couple more before its too cold to transport them home.     The house has happy chirpy sounds and it really lifts the spirits.  That's what we were aiming for!

I aim to slowly get back into weave mode and bring you something soon.    Notice I didn't say 'promise'..... I'll do my best.

πŸ‚  πŸ πŸ„ 🍁  πŸ‚


Brenda said...

My dad worked construction, and one day, while he was sitting in his truck and eating lunch, a little blue budgie like yours landed on the roof. My dad grabbed it and put it in his cooler. (Sounds bad, I know, but it was all he had on the job.) He had that little bird for years, and he was always a noisy, cheerful little guy. I hope your mojo finds it's way back to you soon!

Steve Baker said...

Only thing I can help with is to suggest turning the mill on it's side. I use a horizontal because the warping board was too painful to deal with and it made a huge difference. Other than that... just know I'm pulling for you.

Steve Baker

Loom With A View said...

Take the time to heal fully! Things will get better. It just takes forever while you are doing it!
Take care KA

Valerie said...

I'm so sorry about the aches and pains and can commiserate with you on that. All we can do is take one step at a time. Followed by ice and rest and gentle exercise.

Hope you can feed your creative spirit in whatever way does seem that making things helps to lift spirits.

I always look forward to your posts, though I don't often comment.

Peg Cherre said...

Blue and Jay are certainly less demanding than a puppy, and still can bring lots of enjoyment, My mom had a series of parakeets when I was growing up. Max, the first one, was especially a character and lots of fun. One of his favorite food was peanut butter toast. πŸ€“ 🐦

karensspinzen said...

I hope your new bird family helps you keep smiling through the aches, pains and pandemic. I can't offer much other than to say, "I understand". I hope you're where you want to be soon!