Sunday, August 22, 2021

Trials and Tribulations ~ Copper Glow and Magenta Mist

About a week ago I uploaded these pictures getting ready to write a blog post. I was blissfully ignorant of the trials and tribulations ahead.  These have become the last pictures I can access on my computer until I find out if my back up drive has them or not.  

Let me back up here.... (pun intended)  😊

I set up my computer that night to do a back up to an external hard drive and woke the next morning to a back up (great!) and a whole new operating system on my Mac "Big Sur" (really not great).  

That's when I discovered a few things.

  • all my Fiberworks drafts have vanished. (over 500 of them)
  • Big Sur won't run a computer dobby and the weaving program developers have no work around and no time line of when they will. Apple isn't helping them either.
  • All my 6000+ pictures of family and my weaving were in iPhoto and Big Sur won't support it and so they appear to be all gone too.
So, any good news?   some....
  • I have a fresh back up on my external hard drive!
  • it may have all my photos and a tech *might* be able to locate and shift them to Photo.
  • failing that, I have saved emails with all my scanned old family photos.
  • Between this blog and ravelry, I can get a lot of my pictures resaved again.
  • Its all going to take LOTS of time if the tech can't find and save them first.
So after some chats (okay, many phone calls) with Bob Keates of Fiberworks, I have worked out the following:
  • updated the latest version of Fiberworks that will 'shake hands' with Big Sur so I can at least do some design work. It won't however run my Megado....
  • to get some thing to run my loom, I needed a Mac with an older operating system on it like High Sierra or Mojave on it.   Every OS after that got difficult as Apple made subsequent changes.
  • it just so happens my Hubby has an older 2013 Mac with High Sierra on it...... and subsequently was traded my shiny brand new MacBook Pro (2020) with Big Sur for it.
 💻 😳 🖥 ⌨️

So I have a newly updated version of Fiberworks Silver Plus on the old clunker Mac and (after many calls with Bob) it works and runs my Megado again!  A big thank you to Bob at Fiberworks! 

 Meanwhile, my hubby can't believe his good luck and scooted with his new shiny computer and didn't look back!

Okay, enough of my woes and wailing.     Let's get to some weaving...    This is the scarf project on the Spring loom and just getting started. A rather large size diamond pattern that was approx 7 inches in length for a full repeat.  Its 8/2 tencel in amethyst for warp and Pompeii for weft.  I really wanted to see this colour combination together and it seems to work nicely.   The draft is from  #74014.   There is a partial draft at the very end.

So it took 10 repeats to get a full scarf, plus some runs for a border at the either end.  There are quite a few pictures here, which normally I would not post them all but just the better ones.  Since they are all I have for now, I'm going to leave them in.

For the second scarf I used magenta as weft and while I like it, it doesn't have the zing of the first.   What comes to mind is 'safe choice' and sometimes you have to take a chance and go for something out of your comfort zone.   

This last picture below was taken as I was stepping back inside and the lighting hit it just right and showed the rich glow.  It might be a safe colour choice but its very elegant nonetheless !


Loom With A View said...

O. M. G. 😱

Thank goodness you have an external back up drive, that you can (hopefully) access. I cannot believe that Apple would be so stupid, given just how many people will have this same problem.

I am glad you are slowly getting back on your feet, and that Apple cannot erase your weaving. Those scarves are gorgeous!

Peg Cherre said...

Technology is great-until it’s not. Big Sur poses many problems. I had to get an ancient Mac to still maintain my preferred version (program on the computer, NOT online) of Quickbooks, which I use for my business. That old computer doesn’t connect to the internet. And it’s kind of a pain to have 2 computers. By some of my other programs really wanted an upgrade from my ancient operating system. Sigh.
Interestingly, I didn’t have any difficulty with my photos in the upgrade. Wonder why? I have no clue, but it gives me hope that your tech wizard can recover yours from your backup.
Those scarves are gorgeous! Like you, I particularly like the coppery one.

msvos said...

Susan, the scarf and color combo are stunning!

Sorry you're having issues. I am a Mac and Fiberworks user, and am hoping this issue can be resolved.

It's great to see your work, and hope all is well.