Sunday, April 17, 2022

Happy Easter! 🐇


Eggs by Shari Bailey

All around the World, I think we are all a bit Ukrainian this year.    Everyone wants and needs peace and stability in their lives, especially these poor proud people suffering, and fighting for their lives and country's right to exist. 


I will have some weaving to share  next post but have to share with you that I put my right shoulder and arm out again and so have been focusing on getting better and coping with pain. I did this last November as well, but this time it is worse.   I'm limited to what I can do with my right arm and have even been sleeping nightly semi reclined  on the couch as it hurts to lie down.  Its been a rough 2-3 weeks but it is slowly improving.   What did I do?   I have no idea!  I wish I did know so I can be sure not to repeat it again. 

I am able to spin on my Hansen so have been enjoying that for a change of pace.    I'm not able to throw a shuttle  or wind a warp but I have been project  planning, fringe twisting and I was able to beam a warp today with a lot of help from Hubby.    So the looms will be ready to go when I can..... but it will be a very slow start so not to set myself back again.    I guess I'm not a spring chicken anymore !  🐣🐥


thistle rose weaving said...

Oh dear! Please take care of yourself. Sorry to hear your shoulder is acting up again. What does the Doctor have to say?

Susan Harvey said...

Thanks Martha.... its been too painful to withstand an examination but I am seeing our Dr on Thursday.