Friday, May 31, 2024

German Beauty

 I have had this 100 gram fine merino roving in my stash for some years now and 're-discovered' it again.    It came from an Etsy shop in Germany called "All the Pretty Fibers"    It was pretty stiff after being stored for so many years but I gently teased it out and got this lovely soft pile of colourful floof. 

I divided it into two 50 grams piles and had a lot of fun spinning this up.   It's much like weaving a hand painted warp where you can hardly wait to see the next colour change.     

It even looked pretty on the bobbin!

 Here's a skein and the yarn on the niddy noddy.

.... and the final skein all complete.  The other braid is of a similar colour way but this one has a darker wine.   When I spun that up, the wine dominated the rest of the colours a great deal and not as effective as this skein.  I will get the yardage once I wind it into a cake. 

Work continues here at home. We had all our paving such as driveway, sidewalks and patio all power washed this past week. Its astounding how much brighter it all is and gives the place a more  tidier appearance.    The guy who did this job for us spotted a large basket ball sized wasp nest high up under our eaves.   At our age and stage in life, we don't do ladders anymore and so were prepared to call a pest company to come and deal with it, but he said if we were to get a can of high powered wasp spray,  he'd do the rest.

A tall ladder, can of wasp spray and high pressure water hose...... and it was literally down and gone in under ten minutes.  πŸ

We have engaged a new lawn care company doing our grass cutting and we couldn't be happier!  Same price, a cheerful person does the work ......and no aggravation like before.

The work in our garden flower beds is continuing and it's looking so good!   We are experiencing a cooler spring so the work can proceed with out the plants gasping due to high temperatures.    The last of the irrigation system upgrades also happened this past weekend and now we have a reliable watering system that gets the water to  where it's needed.  That will be important soon when the heat wave  called summer arrives.  πŸ”₯

Personal health front has been busy too with eye exams, a CT scans to see where and what kidney stones remain in Hub's kidneys....  and dermatologist appointment as well.   Medical appointments apparently are our social life now but we are coming down to the end of a long list of doctors that were all put on hold last January.

There's been no weaving (still) but I'm slowly sorting through the various bits and pieces that will go with the Louet Spring loom.  I hope I can weave off the shawls I have wound on but it depends on if I can get the tie up in place. If not, someone will get a bonus warp to start off with! 

With all the 'sorting' I have been building a pile of books, magazines and tools that can be sold off.  I will likely be adding some yarn to that pile as well.  What I will actually need and use going forward  will be much less.   🀞

It's actually a liberating feeling.....

Our large chestnut tree is in bloom.... and it's full of bees and hummingbirds. It's raining pink petals everywhere!  


Leigh said...

I've never seen a chestnut in bloom. Last year I planted three seedling chestnuts I traded hopniss tubers for, but they're still quite small. Lovely!

That roving and yarn are lovely too. A real treat for the eyes.

Susan said...

Thanks Leigh ! Traditionally chestnut trees have white blossoms but this is a varietal that some one created. Not sure of the name as yet... My husband is growing some seedlings in pot and people are asking for them! We'll grow a bunch more this year too.