Friday, May 3, 2024

Just William


So when you buy a batch of rolags from Fellview Fibers, Carol slips in a complimentary rolag to tempt and tease you!    She added one of these beauties and what could I do?     I ordered some more!  😁  I was a total push over as I fell for the jewel colours. 

I don't know the story behind the name "Not Just William".... I'm sure its a good story.

I got busy and soon had three skeins of plied yarn. Here's a skein to show the colours and two have been wound into cakes. 

There's a variety of blues and turquoise, a dash of green and some black.   I'm very pleased with it and would order again.  But after I've tried some others of course. 🤩

On the personal front:  I'm waiting for a MRI  for my lumbar spine (which will take months to get) but in the meantime I have a physio appointment scheduled and also to see someone to talk about orthotics.   According to the orthopaedic surgeon "your feet and ankles are a mess.... and sadly there is not much that can be done".

So.... I will be making some changes in the studio and so have started making a list of what is going to find new homes and owners  down the road.    I knew this day would come sometime, I just thought it would take longer!   


Cindie said...

Beautiful rolags and resulting yarn.
He is William the Hippo, he's from Egypt. He lives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY. One of those little tidbits that stuck in my mind from being an art major in college taking many art history classes. And no, the Egyptians didn't name him William, I don't remember where the name came from.

Susan said...

Thanks for the back story Cindy !

Lynnette said...

Aren't the colours and your spinning wonderful! The supplier really does a fantastic job on blending consistently, and I know just how difficult that is.

Leigh said...

What spinner could resist those colors! Beautiful yarn.